Hoop Group Pitt Jam Fest: Day Two

PITTSBURGH - Day two of the Under Armour Hoop Group Pitt Jam Fest was dominated by some very talented younger prospects. M.J. Walker looked good, but it was Juwan Durham who really stood out.

Tevin Mack, SG/SF, Carolina Wolves – A pure scorer, Mack had it working to the tune of 22 points in the first half, and then in the second half he did enough to help his team rally for a win. Mack is a knockdown shooter who looks to have grown to be about 6-foot-6. He is a solid and improving athlete as well who is getting better off the bounce, but from the mid-range and out he is dynamic with his ability to shoot the basketball.

Doral Moore, C, Atlanta Xpress – There are flashes from Moore in every game that you see him. He has legit size, high level athleticism, and length. Right now however it is just flashes from Moore, as he hasn't learned how to dominate games despite his physical tools. Right now Moore's defense is ahead of his offense, and he will rebound and run the floor, but he is still looking to make that next step.

Danjel Purifoy, SF/PF, Atlanta Xpress – A near elite athlete who can really get to the rim, Purifoy was impressive in the Xpress win. He was playing inside and out and making plays all over the floor. Add in that he rebounded well and showed toughness, and it is easy to see why Purifoy is such an intriguing prospect going forward.

Dupree McBrayer, SG, New Heights – Not a whole lot is known about McBrayer who has bounced between New York City and Las Vegas during his high school career. Recently McBrayer re-classed from the 2014 class to 2015 and he should get a lot of interest if the backstory checks out. He is around 6-foot-3, is a good athlete, and can flat out put the ball in the basket. There is no doubt that his ability to score is opening up eyes.

Jarred Reuter, C, NE Playaz – An undersized post player, Reuter just knows how to be productive. Reuter plays beneath the rim, and isn't athletic, but he controls the glass and uses his strength to score. Also what he might do best is pass, and Reuter showed that on Saturday evening. He has some limitations against athleticism, but at the end of the day he just knows how to get stuff done.

Mike Watkins, PF/C, Team Philly – The Penn State commitment had a solid second half after struggling early in a Saturday evening win. Watkins isn't the best athlete, but he can run the floor, will block a shot or two, and then gives effort on the glass. Right now offensively he has a ways to go, but he will work the offensive boards and finish around the rim.

Juwan Durham, C, Team Breakdown – This is a prospect with an absolute world of potential. Durham is a legit 6-foot-10, and maybe taller, with high level athleticism and some skill. He was attacking some off the dribble, rebounded, and blocked shots. Durham needs to get stronger, but when that comes he will be an absolute monster.

Dewan Huell, PF/C, Team Breakdown – Huell and Durham make for a very impressive frontcourt duo, and he also performed well. Huell can hit the mid-range jumper, and then is long enough and athleticism enough to control the glass and make things happen in the paint. Add in an improving skillset, and Huell is a much improved prospect who is only getting better.

Herman Williams, SG, Team Breakdown – Williams is a super tough guard who can flat out shoot the basketball. With a big frontcourt down low, Williams gets clean looks and when he does he usually knocks them down. Also a solid athlete, Williams will provide toughness on the defensive end and play with a high motor. How he attacks off the bounce will determine his level, but the bottom line is he can flat out shoot the basketball.

Seventh Woods, SG, Carolina Wolves – An elite, elite athlete, it is clear that Woods is working to figure out how to play. Right now there is no question he looks far more comfortable in a scoring role than in a point guard role. He struggled with decision making all game long, but scored fairly well going to the rim and then also showed good effort on the defensive end.

Mustapha Heron, SF, New Heights – A powerfully built wing, Heron can absolutely attack the basket and score with the best of them. Heron can score, mostly by attacking off the bounce, but also he showed that he can hit the outside shot. He is one of the toughest kids in the class and also is a very good athlete. No doubt that this is a huge early commitment for Pittsburgh.

M.J. Walker, SG, Atlanta Xpress – This kid is a heck of a prospect. Walker can do virtually anything on the floor, but his combination of skill and athleticism with a grown man's physique really stands out. He is very refined for a player his age, yet still has upside to go with it. There is no question that Walker will be one of the top players in the class.

Tevin Mack listed VCU, Clemson, Wake Forest, USC, South Carolina, and Georgia

Dewan Huell mentioned Miami, Florida, Florida State, South Florida, and South Carolina

Maryland, Miami, South Carolina, and South Florida dispatched assistants for Dewan Huell and Juwan Durham.

Georgia, Georgia Tech, South Carolina, USC, Wake Forest, and Virginia Tech were all present for Tevin Mack.

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