Whitt's big weekend to increase offers

Discussing Whitt's scenario may be something of a silly thing, because odds are it's going to change profoundly over the next week.

If you're included to view Jimmy Whitt's recruitment in terms of a before and after, this interview I conducted with him is the before. He's going to hear from a lot of new parties over the next week, but nevertheless it's useful to provide a current snapshot of how he presently stands and how the process may unfurl in the coming months based on his priorities.

Whitt was sublime at the Jayhawk Invitational for K.C. Rum GMC. He led the host program to the championship and was by far the club's best player. His teammates turned to him over and over again, and he continued to deliver. He proved in Kansas to be an excellent three-point shooter who's even better from the middle areas.

And hardly a spot-up specialist, he's quick enough to mix in a few drives to the hoop and also is a fine ballhandler and passer from the wing. Even prior to the weekend, he claimed offers from Colorado, Creighton, Arkansas, Wichita State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, SMU, San Francisco, Tulsa, Kansas State, Missouri and Northern Iowa.

But despite having some many suitors, he said he's inclined to wait for his pursuit to fully ripen.

"I'm looking to wait it out this summer," Whitt said. "I'll put out a list of top schools at the end of the summer, and then decide later."

A methodical approach should serve Whitt well. He brought head coaches from elite programs such as Kansas to his games over the weekend, and they almost definitely had to walk away impressed.

"I've been talking to Illinois, Kansas, Gonzaga and some more," Whitt said.

Don't mistake patience with procrastination. Whitt and his parents have a two-pronged approach to their interactions with college coaches.

"Academics are very important to my family, and my mom asks coaches all of the academic questions," he said. "My dad is the one who handles all of the basketball stuff."

Whitt will continue to tour with Run GMC and likely attend some individual camps as well.

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