Jayhawk Takeout: Marcus LoVett

He wasn't even listed on the Las Vegas Prospects' roster, but LoVett earned notice from all in attendance – coaches and otherwise – during the course of the weekend.

I was behind on Marcus LoVett. My Scout colleague Josh Gershon had watched him extensively, but this weekend provided my first opportunity to observe the rising senior point guard in action.

And though already touted as a national top-50 prospect, LoVett surpassed my expectations. A little lefty firecracker who's both very talented and highly entertaining, LoVett meshed quickly with the other Prospects and guided his team to the semifinals.

He's a little guy but not weak. Though standing only 5-11, he carries broad shoulders and utilizes a low center of gravity to push through defenders. In a sense he's built similarly to a running back, and he definitely possesses breakaway speed.

LoVett shines when he has the ball in the open floor. He's not only quick and fast, he's very shifty changing directions and has one of the most destructive crossovers in the game. He utilizes his jitterbug quickness to free himself for jump shots and also is a capable finisher on the move, using the glass effectively to score over shotblockers.

His southpaw jump shot is capable to the three-point line, though he appears to be streaky. As a playmaker he makes some spectacular passes on the break and in the halfcourt, though he does at times put a little too much mustard on some attempts, leading to turnovers.

But where he truly impressed and surprised was on defense. A lot of flashy guards focus only on their offense, but LoVett consistently hounded opposing dribblers, spread out wide in a stance and caused all kinds of problems. Now, he'll have to prove he'll dig in like that week to week and month to month, but if he does, his stock in the eyes of coaches will rise significantly.

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