2017 Intro: Greg Floyd

Not every freshman can be a phenom. A handful of young prospects develop very early, but generally scouting at that stage requires heavy projection.

You know the cliché: His best basketball is years ahead of him. It's a silly expression to direct toward a player because that remark could be uttered about even the No. 1 player in a given class, yet every recruitnik understands what it's intended to connote.

Greg Floyd encapsulates the sentiment. A somewhat awkward stringbean at 6-6, 170 pounds, he isn't someone most scouts or coaches would make a point to track down and evaluate at this stage of his career. He's gawky and obviously is nowhere near his ultimate physique, but even with all that you can see there's a player in the making.

Floyd just so happens to team with one of those rare phenoms — excellent guard Troy Brown — for the Las Vegas Prospects. He competed in the 15-under division last weekend at the Jayhawk Invitational, and while Brown scintillated Floyd definitely showcased some natural talent of his own.

From a growth perspective, he very well may continue to get taller. Most of Floyd's height in his legs, and typically players' torsos close the gap over time when that's the case. Given his baby face and general lack of muscle, I won't be at all surprised if he sprouts to 6-8 or 6-9.

And that would bode very well for him, given that he has the look and style of a stretch forward. Floyd appears to have pretty good shooting touch and impressive quickness and mobility, solid building blocks upon which to expand his game.

There's no point attempting to predict what level of recruit he'll be, but he's now on our radar and will be a name to follow as the years progress.

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