Blackwell brings intelligence and poise

Team Superstar features a nice collection of talent, and Blackwell is one of the most impressive both as a prospect and a young person.

When Noah Blackwell took the court last weekend, he drew plenty of eyeballs. A solidly build point guard who knocks down open jump shots and possesses solid quickness, Blackwell appears to have the tools to player at the upper end of the Division I college level.

He doesn't yet sport dozens of major conference offers, but he's the kind of player who will impress suitors both on and off the court — which never hurts.

Blackwell shot better when he had a little more time to get a clean look, but in terms of mechanics his shot appears sound. He also put the ball on the deck occasionally and either scored or drew a foul. While not an elite athlete, he's certainly gifted enough not to suffer from a deficit.

He ultimately projects as a power guard due to his frame, which should enable him to become an effective defender as well.

From a recruiting perspective, Blackwell is sitting on quite a few offers — primarily from mid-majors — with larger programs also taking a look. Take a deep inhale and digest this long list:

San Diego State, Washington, Oregon State (offer), USC, Fullerton, Loyola-Marymount (offer), Long Beach State (offer), St. Mary's (offer), San Francisco, Portland, Oklahoma, Southern Utah (offer), Clemson, Sacramento State (offer), UC-Davis (offer), Arizona State, New Mexico (offer) and Northern Arizona (offer).

That's a massive number of schools to consider and pare down over time, but Blackwell has a plan.

"Mostly, it's going to be the coaching staff and the offense that they run," he said. "SDSU has a great offense because they set a lot of screens, but I don't have a leader."

Obviously, the immediate task at hand is to continue performing well and to expand his options. Then, he'll begin to make cuts and approach his final announcement.

"My plan is to commit right before the start of my high school season," Blackwell said.

We'll see Blackwell extensively through the remainder of spring and summer.

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