Iguodala Still At Five

When reached at his home on Monday night, we caught Andre Iguodala breaking down film. That's right, this future signee was assessing the style of play of a few teams that were recruiting him. Now, that's doing your homework.

Iguodala Set At Five

Springfield (IL) Panphier small forward Andre Iguodala is going to make an informed college decision. When we spoke to him Monday night he was breaking down film of the Boston College-Duke game last year. His good friend is a "hoopshead" as he put it and had taped the game from last year. Iguodala marveled at some of the offensive freedom BC's Troy Bell had. Prior to watching the BC game, he watched some tape on Arkansas.

"Basically, I'm scouting on my own," Iguodala said. "I know I can handle my own on defense and I am just looking how they handle themselves on offense." He was watching a lot of facets of the game. In fact, he noted everything from when the offense broke down to the expressions of the players and coaches. In short, Iguodala was doing his homework and thinking he wouldn't mind coaching one day.

There has been a lot of recent talk about Arizona and Arkansas taking the lead for Iguodala, and there is some merit to that. However, he's quick to note that Kansas has moved up his list, Boston College is right there and Maryland's going to get a shot as well. "It's pretty even; I don't have a leader right now."

He has home visits set up with each school and is going to Arizona's Midnight Madness deal.

Iguodala, No. 35 in our latest rankings, did wonders for his stock this summer. He took it upon himself to be a leader and a scorer and he did both well when called upon in the clutch.

"I didn't know I was going to do all that. I did more than I thought I was going to do. I didn't think I was even going to play that much."

From speaking with Iguodala, it sounds like he has an open mind about the whole process and is going to make an informed decision.

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