Roundtable: Early Returns

The new recruiting cycle only just kicked into gear, but the most highly publicized weekend concluded just a few days ago.

In our weekly roundtable discussion with the national team, we asked this question:

If you look at Scout's current national rankings for 2015 and reflect upon the players you observed over the weekend, are you 1) more excited about the class; 2) less excited; or 3) too early to say?

Josh Gershon: I think it's just too early to say. I've seen some 2015 prospects that haven't progressed as we have hoped, and I've seen some that have improved their stock or emerged as Top 100 caliber players.

After one major weekend I'm not ready to say I feel strongly that this class is much better or worse than it was two weeks ago. By the end of May, I think we will all have a much better feel for that.

Brian Snow: This weekend was my fourth AAU event of the spring, and to me all those four events have done is re-enforce that this class is not the most talented around. There are some very good players, but this class just doesn't have the depth of stars to be considered very good.

It is always possible for kids to emerge, and no doubt some are, but at the same time both my opinion and seemingly the opinion of college coaches is that the 2015 class is not going to go down as one of the best we have seen.

Evan Daniels: I'll go with it's too early to say. I do think there are a couple players emerging, and we were able to identify some possible new top 100 candidates over the past couple weekends. However, the class in general still doesn't look as good as some of the more recent ones. It's still early in the spring, so I'll hold off strong judgment for another month.

Rob Harrington: I think it depends on how you look at it. Among the elite prospects in the class — the measure by which most evaluate a given haul — nothing that's taken place thus far has convinced me that it's a strong group. Certainly, I liked both the 2013 and 2014 classes better from that standpoint at the same stage.

That said, I think top 100 depth looks better now than it did a month prior. Of the ranked prospects I've seen, the overwhelming majority of them appear too low in our listings. Meanwhile, a couple others outside the top 100 like Wendell Mitchell look like strong candidates to catapult into the rankings themselves. I'm encouraged by that, while noting that the top 15 could use a collective boost.

Evan Daniels, Brian Snow, Josh Gershon and Rob Harrington contributed to this report

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