Gilchrist Has A Leader, Makes Visit On Tuesday

John Gilchrist is making an unofficial visit on Tuesday. The Virginia Beach (VA) Salem point guard says his recruitment isn't going to drag on and thinks this one could be over soon.

NC State Still Leads

Mike Jarvis and the Red Storm have their chance with John Gilchrist. That chance comes as he makes an unofficial visit to St. John's on Tuesday. "I'm going to New York City [on Tuesday] and get on the St. John's campus," Gilchrist said. It's probably going to be my last visit."

Maryland and Georgetown might receive unofficial visits, but Gilchrist has no plans to be on their campuses and there's no guarantee that will ever materialize. "At this point, NC State is in a better position. My family feels real comfortable with their situation. I think the recruiting class they have this year is going to help them out.

"[NC State] is in good shape," Gilchrist said. "They got in good with my father and that's almost like the deciding factor."

Monday was the first time Gilchrist went out and played since July. He cruised over to Norfolk State's campus where he played pick up and listened to a pitch from the Norfolk State staff. Unfortunately for them, Gilchrist isn't considering Norfolk, but understood their reason for making the pitch. "Today was the first time I went out full speed," Gilchrist said.

So, NC State is the leader and SJU gets a chance to impress today. Gilchrist will be on campus Tuesday and then he plans on spending a day checking out all the local parks the city has to offer.

"It's going to be over this month or early September," Gilchrist said.

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