2014 Rankings Report: Florida

Here is a look at where the Florida Gators commitments come in, in the final 2014 rankings, and why they are ranked where they are.

Very few coaches have had the success of Billy Donovan on the recruiting trail or on the court as a coach. In the 2014 class Donovan again brought in a stellar recruiting class. One five-star prospect leads the way in this class with two other potentially very solid contributors.

Making a jump up from four-star to five-star status is Devin Robinson. Robinson was just outside of five-star range at No. 24 in the last rankings update, but on the strength of a good year he was bumped up to No. 16 and solid standing within the five-star ranks.

The reason for the jump up was because of his improved ball handling as well as a tougher mentality on the court. Robinson has the elite size and athleticism for his position, and has continually gotten more skilled and is now rebounding better as well. Overall the improvements combined with his physical talent made it impossible to keep Robinson out of the top 20.

While Robinson was bumped up a star level, Brandone Francis and Chris Chiozza both remained at the four-star level and actually fell a few spots in the rankings.

Francis now checks in at No. 44. Francis had a solid senior season and showed well at the Derby Classic All-Star Game, but at the same time he is a very streaky shooter, and some of what he does doesn't project as well going forward since he is more reliant on strength and physical maturity than most players at his position. With that he was dropped a few spots, but is still seen as a kid who can really score and should have a solid career.

With Chiozza he didn't quite have the senior season that was expected out of him. Now Chiozza is No. 58 in the country, and is still considered one of the better point guards because of his quickness, competitiveness, and ability to score the basketball.

Chiozza needs to limit his turnovers and continue to improve as a pest on the defensive end given his lack of size. Overall he is still a very good player, but a slight correction was needed.

Clearly this is still a very good class for the Gators. Having one five-star prospect and two four-stars is very impressive and should help replace the vast amount of talent that is gone due to attrition from this past season.

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