2014 Rankings Report: Louisville

Here is a look at where the Louisville Cardinals commitments come in, in the final 2014 rankings, and why they are ranked where they are.

Rick Pitino pulled in one of the largest 2014 classes in the country by landing six players. It is one of the top classes in the country, and now is headlined by a prospect who was bumped up to five-star status.

The Louisville prospect who made the most impressive move up was Shaqquan Aaron. Aaron was a four-star prospect who ranked No. 34, but now he comes in as a five-star at No. 27 overall. The reason for the bump was not only his impressive production as a senior, but also what he could be down the road.

At around 6-foot-7 with big time athleticism, long arms, and an improving jumper, you just don't see many talents on the wing like Aaron. He has a unique skill set that allows him to play multiple possessions, and assuming he buys into what Pitino and his staff want him to do, Aaron could have an absolutely monster career for the Cardinals. With that we felt a bump up to five-star range was more than appropriate.

Staying pretty steady in the rankings was Quentin Snider. Snider now checks in at No. 35, and he had a very good senior season. Snider was named Mr. Basketball in the state of Kentucky and showed all year long his combination of scoring prowess and high IQ play. Though physically he is not one of the elite guards, he does have the skill level to make you really take notice.

Snider is one of the premier outside shooters in the class and then has enough savvy and feel to make plays for others on the offensive end as well. Not an elite defender or a super breakdown guy off the dribble, Snider relies on ball screens and setting up opponents with angles and changing speeds with his dribble. Overall it was a strong year for Snider, and one that saw him maintain his lofty perch in the rankings.

Louisville also signed a pair of American bigs in this class, one who made a big move up and one who made a bit of a fall down. Chinanu Onuaku moved up from No 69 to No. 53 and did so because he is just such a game changer on defense. Onuaku, who is young for his class, blocks shots at a high level and really cleans the defensive glass. His offense has slowly also made strides which was big for helping him jump in the rankings.

Falling off some was Jaylen Johnson. Johnson went from No. 62 to No.77 following what was just a solid senior season. When matched up against other bigs in Michigan, Johnson didn't fare too well, and that led to a slight correction in his ranking. Still Johnson has legit size and length, and has a solid skill level to his game. Always more of a potential kid than a production kid, Johnson simply needs to make transition to being a more consistent producer, especially against top talent.

The other two players in Louisville's class are Anas Osama Mahmoud and Matz Stockman. Stockman doesn't play in the United States so he isn't eligible to be ranked, but he did receive a three-star rating. Mahmoud is someone who we simply couldn't get tape on to make an evaluation and give him either a rating or a ranking. Both are long and lean bigs who seem to have a lot of potential, but limited viewings really hindered the ability to give a proper evaluation.

Clearly this is a big class for the Cardinals. Bringing in four frontcourt players adds a ton of size into the program, and then also there is some star power in the backcourt. No doubt this is one of the top classes in the country, and one that could make Pitino very happy down the road if the bigs show development early in their careers.

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