2014 Rankings Report: NC State

Here is a look at where the NC State Wolfpack's commitments come in, in the final 2014 rankings, and why they are ranked where they are.

For North Carolina State Head Coach Mark Gottfried the class of 2014 was another group with highly touted players. He pulled in two from his region, and then a third four-star from the northeast.

Leading the way for NC State is four-star power forward Abdul-Malik Abu. Abu had a strong senior season, and stayed steady in the 50's in the rankings coming in at No. 56. Abu is one of the safest players in the class to project forward to the college game. He is a strong rebounder, a good athlete, and has a decent skill level.

Given that he is only 6-foot-7 his ultimate upside limited him from going too much higher in the rankings, but there is no doubt that he projects to be someone who contributes right away for the Wolfpack, and also will be reliable and do what the coaches need of him on the interior.

While Abu was a pretty straight forward ranking, fellow commitments Cody Martin and Caleb Martin were far more complex to figure out. Over the summer Caleb was viewed as a four-star prospect and No. 46 overall while Cody was viewed as a three-star prospect and unranked.

At the time we felt it was clear that Caleb was superior to Cody as a prospect given how they performed as juniors and then against top competition over the summer, however as seniors at Oak Hill Academy things changed.

It seemed that one game Caleb would be far more productive and then in the next game Cody. Also their shooting numbers would fluctuate. It seems that sometimes one would be fire shooting and other twin would struggle, and then next thing you know it would be reversed.

Because of that senior season, separating them as prospects became increasingly difficult. Both Cody and Caleb are similar in terms of athleticism, size, and skill, and with their production seemingly the same, the decision was made to put them at No. 65 and No. 66 respectively, and making both four-star prospects.

While three four-star prospects are already in the fold, NC State is also in the mix for a fourth. Devonte Graham is strongly considering the Wolfpack as well. Graham, who is now No. 41 prospect in the country, had a tremendous post grad season for NC State. He showed high level athleticism, a good ability to score, and also the basketball IQ to run a team. Because of that he was jumped from a three-star prospect to the upper levels of four-star status.

If the Wolfpack can reel in Graham than this will clearly be one of the top classes in the country, and another huge recruiting haul for Gottfried. Even without Graham it is a very solid class and one that should continue to keep NC State in a good position in the ACC.

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