Harris is granted release

West Virginia transfer Eron Harris has his release and will be one of the most sought after recruits in the country.

One of the premier transfers available has been granted his release. Indianapolis native Eron Harris who played for two years at West Virginia is now free to contact schools after receiving his release from the school following final exams.

Harris averaged 17.2 points and 3.5 rebounds per game at the Big XII school last year while shooting 42 percent from three point range. That ability to put the ball in the basket no doubt will have him as one of the premier targets in the country.

According to Eron Harris, he says he knows what he will be looking for in a school.

"It is going to be the place that I can be myself," said Harris. "I want to be myself. I want to go out there and play basketball and love playing basketball. I am a competitor first, and I want to play instinctively. That is it. I want my coach to respect me and I will respect him."

Harris' dad, Eric, re-iterated that finding the right coach will be the most important thing in their decision making process.

"We are looking for the right fit for Eron as far as a coach goes and playing style," said Eric Harris. "Eron is ready to work, and we are looking for the right coach fit for him. We are open as far as a school goes, but we definitely want to find the right coach."

He continued, "Eron has always been a very humble kid who wants to work for a coach. We are looking for a coach who will show Eron that if he works hard he will be rewarded. I think Eron fits best with a calmer coach who makes it clear that if he works hard and does what the coach tells him to do, that he will be successful."

Michigan was the first school to reach out to Harris upon receiving his release. Along with the Wolverines Michigan State, Ohio State, Illinois, Notre Dame, Indiana, Purdue, Kentucky, Louisville, UCLA, Butler, and New Mexico are all expected to be in the mix.

When Harris did make the decision to transfer, being closer to home was sighted as a reason why, and while Eron says that is still the case, it won't necessarily be the single most important factor.

"Yeah I am definitely looking at location," said Eron Harris. "It isn't like anybody who is outside this radius can't call me or anything, it isn't that, but I would prefer to be closer to home so my family can come see me a little easier, and I have a little brother that I want to be able to see a little bit more and be a positive influence over."

Throughout the day more coaches will be reaching out to Harris, his family, and AAU Coach Mike Fox who the elder Harris said is helping the family through this process.

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