Ramsey recruitment picking up

He hasn't started his junior season yet, but 2016 point guard Devearl Ramsey already has a handful of schools showing him serious attention.

One of the top point guards out west in 2016, 5-foot-10, 170-pound Chatsworth (Calif.) Sierra Canyon's Devearl Ramsey has made major strides as a player over the last year.

A hard-nosed point guard that plays with a serious intensity on both sides of the ball, Ramsey has increasingly improved as a guy who can not only make plays off the dribble and with his jumper but also a kid who will create for teammates while also giving a lot of effort defensively.

"I thought he had an outstanding season," says Sierra Canyon coach Ty Nichols. "He did a great job playing the point full time, he put unbelievable defensive pressure on the ball and that's one of his greatest assets - he can put pressure on both sides of the ball. He's not a single dimensional player; he's a multi-dimensional kid."

The way Ramsey has improved over the last year, Nichols feels that the four-star prospect just needs to stay on the same course.

"He needs to stay on the path that he's on," Nichols said. "There's a natural maturation process in getting older and staying the course. I think Devearl will keep getting better in all facets of the game because he wants to get better and works so hard as a player."

As of now, four schools have shown Ramsey the most attention.

"I would say Michigan and USC have shown the heaviest interest but California has recently gotten heavily involved and Arizona State just offered," said Nichols.

While there are schools seriously recruiting Ramsey, there's no plan in narrowing anything down anytime soon.

"We'll take this off-season to look at what his options are and after the off-season we'll look at the schools that are involved. We're not even close to dwindling down the list or anything like that," said Nichols.

"It's really early and I'm getting calls all the time. I think by the end of July we'll be able to separate the schools that are just looking from the ones that are recruiting him hard."

The goal is for Ramsey to go to a place where he can operate in many of the same ways he does today.

"As you lay out your matrix for what's best for Devearl, he's going to want to go to a school that lets him be Devearl," said Nichols. "He's a kid who can shoot it, pass it, score it and defend. He wants to go somewhere he can win."

Nichols doesn't think there will be any kind of early decision by Ramsey.

"I don't see foresee anything happening early," he said. "I think the recruiting process at this stage of his career is healthy and he needs time to get to know the coaching staffs and schools recruiting him. I don't see anything happening early."

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