Lee improving quickly

One of the most improved 2017 prospects over the course of their freshman season had to be Sierra Canyon's Ira Lee, who you get the feeling isn't going to be done expanding his game anytime soon.

Over the course of his freshman season, there were unbelievable strides made in the game of 6-foot-7, 200-pound Chatsworth (Calif.) Sierra Canyon 2017 power forward Ira Lee.

An athletic four with a nonstop motor, Lee really carved out a niche as a rebounder, something he's starting to do at a very high level. He can also score on the block and facing up, although his offensive game continues to expand.

The way that Lee has improved over the last year makes you feel good about the direction he's going as a prospect.

"In the history of my coaching career - I've been doing this for 20-plus years - I've never seen a kid improve more in a15-month period than Ira," said Sierra Canyon coach Ty Nichols.

"When he first came to school, he didn't know what hand to shoot with or what foot to put first, but he had all the intangibles in hard work, athleticism and a real good attitude. He was just behind in a skill standpoint.

"The amount of improvement he's made in the last 12 to 15 months, I've never seen anything like it. He's on a meteoric rise right now and I think over the spring and summer he's going to get that much better."

Nichols imagines Lee as a versatile forward who has a skill set that will keep improving.

"I think when he shows up to school as a sophomore, we're going to see a multi-tiered big kid with a 15-foot jump shot, the ability to put it on the deck and multiple post moves inside. He's really getting better," said Nichols.

"His rebounding ability is really special. He chases down balls, rebounds outside of his box, doesn't quit on a play and his second burst - a lot of guys quit the first time - but his second burst is really special."

Five schools have offered Lee already, with a couple others showing interest.

"Arizona State, Arizona, USC, Tulsa and San Francisco have offered," said Nichols. "Texas has been in and San Diego State is interested."

It's still very early into Lee's recruiting process, although his coach has a good idea of what will be important to him in a school.

"He's wide open," said Nichols. "Ira is a very good student - he's a 3.8/3.75 GPA student - and is going to want to find a place where he's not pigeon-holed into being a post four. He's going to be a really athletic 4/3 kind of kid when it's all said and done.

"I think he'll look at relationship with the coaches and a lot of the current roster, along with the school's ability to play in the tournament; he'll want a chance at winning."

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