Roundtable: Fun Factor

In our weekly Roundtable featuring each of our four national scouts, the team discusses their favorite players.

Here's this week's question posed to the experts:

We all take scouting seriously and evaluate players based on their ability to compete, not amaze, but take a step off the beaten path for a second.

Purely in terms of entertainment, and ignoring everything else, what player have you watched this spring who was the most exciting?

Josh Gershon: I have to put Allonzo Trier (pictured, above) in that category. The more you're in this business, the more you appreciate shooting guards who can get their points without taking several bad shots to do it, while also competing defensively and playing hard throughout.

Trier is a big-time shooter who can also put the ball on the ground and get his own shot and plays with a competitive spirit; you can tell how important winning is to him. Normally one would equate exciting to athleticism and dunking, and usually I'd choose a big time athlete as an answer to this question as well, but I think Trier's scoring ability is a lot of fun to watch and he's clearly established himself as one of the most sure things in the 2015 class.

Evan Daniels: Cheick Diallo is probably my favorite player to watch. He has been for the past year strictly because of how hard he plays and the effort he brings to the table. He's active, aggressive and always plays harder than his competition. That stuff will translate to the next level too.

Brian Snow: For me, this question is easy, it is Jaylen Brown. I have always liked watching tough, physical, aggressive wing players who dominate games even if they don't have the highest skill level.

Brown is actually improving his skill level now to the point where he could be one of the truly elite prospects in the country, but every game he plays is must see because of the highlight caliber dunks, big time scoring ability, and tenacious defense. If is obvious that Brown loves the game of basketball and he is out to dominate every single time he steps on the court.

Rob Harrington: I realize some valid concerns and critiques about his game to exist, but for popcorn-munching value, I belong to team Malik Newman. He's a threat to go for 50 points at any time, and consistently he notches efforts in the 20s and 30s.

He lights it up from every distance on the court and plays with a confidence that borders on self-exaltation and, while that understandably may ruffle some feathers, makes it fun to watch him do his thing.

Evan Daniels, Brian Snow, Josh Gershon and Rob Harrington contributed to this report

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