Wisconsin lands more than a shooter

Brevin Pritzl is one of the elite shooters in the country, but his game is more than just that. Here is what he will bring to Madison when arrives for the 2015-16 season.

When Brevin Pritzl walks onto a basketball court he doesn't create much of a buzz. He stands only about 6-foot-3 and doesn't have the traditional long and lean basketball body. However once the ball is tipped, he becomes one of the toughest guards in the country to defend.

Pritzl can play some at the point guard position, but he is at his best as a scorer from the two guard position. Since he does have decent size and is a good athlete, Pritzl can defend multiple positions, and then also has the IQ and savvy to anticipate well and be a pest on that end of the floor.

While he is capable on defense, where he makes a name for himself is on the offensive end of the floor. That is where Pritzl becomes one of the most impressive prospects in the class of 2015.

The first thing with Pritzl is that he is an elite shooter. In that respect he will remind some Wisconsin fans of Ben Brust. Pritzl is absolutely money when he gets a clean look out to 23 feet, and that elite level shooting makes him one of the top marksmen around, but that isn't where his game ends.

Pritzl has a toughness and edge to him that makes him more than a shooter. He also gets to the rim off the bounce and elevates and finishes in the mid-range. Specifically Pritzl likes to go right and attack to his strong hand, and when he does he is excellent. He still needs to work going left, but when he gets an angle he takes advantage of it and then has the ability to make a shot or find an open teammate.

On top of that, Pritzl has that mental toughness that you want in a great shooter. If he misses a few shots, which is uncharacteristic, he isn't going to let that bother him. The next time he gets a look he is taking it, and that confidence and understanding of his ability can't be overstated.

In the past Bo Ryan was known for his "swing" offense which is basically a modified flex. However in recent years Ryan and his staff have actually gone away from the flex and to more of an isolation based offense where players make plays. Pritzl is going to fit into that perfectly.

With his ability to drive, shoot, or pass, when given space and the opportunity to make plays, Pritzl is dynamic, and add in that Ryan and his staff are tremendous at running plays for shooters, and he has found an excellent fit for his skillset.

Pritzl will need to refine his game like all high school kids coming in, but his athleticism and shot making should translate right away, and on top of that he has the desire and intestinal fortitude to play for and succeed for a coach like Ryan.

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