Pangos Takeout: Jeremy Hemsley

Hemsley has had a lot on his plate recently. He had a commitment to make last week to San Diego State, and then he traveled to the Pangos All-American Camp for the weekend.

Jeremy Hemsley clearly understands the value of consistent aggression. The predominant theme for his weekend became hard-charging drives to the basket. He boasts a quick first step and was one of the event's most effective transition scorers — and there was a lot of transition.

Hemsley holds a high skill level to complement his athleticism. He's a sure handler and passer who, on those occasions when he can't drive all the way into scoring range, finds a teammate for a better shot. He also projects to be a capable defender and solid rebounder for a guard.

Two concerns have surfaced that he'll need to address. First, he played at essentially one speed throughout the weekend. At times, his forays off the bounce veered out of control, with resultant bad shots, blocked shots and turnovers. Incorporating more pace into his game may help, though in fairness the camp proved conducive to that style of play, so why alter what's working?

Meanwhile, Hemsley is a good pull-up shooter but doesn't yet confidently stroke long bombs. Life for 6-3 guards without three-point range can become complicated, and that's an area he certainly must address prior to enrolling at SDSU.

Still, taken at full measure, Hemsley projects as a multi-year starter for the Aztecs. He's a natural scorer with ample athleticism for the college level, so there's room for him to easily expand his game. He currently ranks No. 54 in the Class of 2015.

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