Haryasz Receives Offer He's Been Looking For

On Monday, Page (AZ) High's Matt Haryasz was the talk of the town. He learned that he had been admitted into one of his favorite schools and around Page, a Pac-10 basketball offer isn't an everyday occurrence.

Stanford Offers Scholarship

Photo courtesy PrepWestHoops.com

Monday was a good day for Page's Matt Haryasz. The 6-10, 210 pound center received good news from a prominent Pac-10 program. "I got accepted to Stanford today and they offered me a scholarship," Haryasz said excitedly. "It's pretty neat."

Haryasz was genuinely excited about the prospects of attending Stanford and the Cardinal is in good shape with him. "They probably are [the leader] right now. It's them and Arizona State, but they've got the edge right now."

On the weekend of Sept. 15, Haryasz will head to Stanford on his official visit. He's set to make a trip to Arizona State the weekend prior to that on Sept. 8. He has in-home visits with Loyola Marymount on Sept. 10, New Mexico on the 18th and San Diego State on the 19th.

Since a breakout performance at the Big Time, Haryasz (pronounced Harry-S) has received attention from programs all over the country. "Those [five] guys have been really loyal to me through the long haul. There were a lot who were nice to me, but I've told them that I wanted to in a different direction."

Haryasz said that he wasn't sure what kind of an initial impression he made on Stanford. When the Cardinal first came to see him last year, Haryasz went up for a dunk, got undercut and had to be rushed to the hospital with a concussion.

This summer, Haryasz felt he played above and beyond his own expectations. "I felt that I played well. I'm really pleased how I played and I think I exceeded my own expectations to be honest. Hard work pays off." Last year, Haryasz averaged 17 points, 12 rebounds and four blocks.

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