Nike Elite 100: Shooting Guards/Wings

There were some gifted scorers at the Nike Elite 100, and leading the way on the wings were Jamal Murray and Brian Bowen.

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Jamal Murray – There might not have been a more dominant scorer all weekend than Murray. There is a chance he can play a combo guard spot, but right now there is no doubt he won't be playing on the ball full time in his future. What he does best is get to the rim and get buckets. Murray is a tough kid who will create off the bounce, but also make shots. He is also a solid athlete, and all weekend long he was too much for opponents to deal with.

Kwe Parker – The skill game is still coming along for Parker who measured in at roughly 6-foot and 195 pounds. Still even being undersized to play off the ball, Parker is an elite, elite athlete who can make plays because of it. It is like Parker has his own personal and invisible trampoline on the court when he takes off, and because of that he finishes well through contact and rebounds quite well for a shorter guard. Parker must become a better shooter, but the athletic gifts were on full display during the event.

Randall Broddie – Broddie is a kid who sees his future at the point guard position, but for now plays more like a scorer. Throughout the camp Broddie didn't make too many plays for others, but when it came to getting buckets he did just that. Broddie got to the rim quite well, showed athleticism, and then also was hitting shots from deep. Overall it was a good showing for him, but definitely proved that his future is likely off the ball as opposed to on the ball.

Willie Jackson – Checking in at 6-foot-4 and 200 pounds with a 6-foot-11 wing span, Jackson has impressive physical tools. At times in the past Jackson has almost seemed like an undersized PF as opposed to a wing, but the wing skills continue to come along. He is getting better handling the ball and was also making jumpers in the mid-range. With that Jackson made his impression this weekend with a high motor attacking style and high level athleticism. Even late into camp Jackson seemed to be playing hard and making more plays than about any other player on the floor.

Lamar Stevens – At 6-foot-5 and 215 pounds with big time athleticism, Stevens is one of the more impressive prospects when he is working downhill with the dribble. An absolute freight train going to the rim, Stevens is someone who explodes going to the basket and players seemingly just want to get out of his way. Clearly he is at his best in transition now, but the jumper showed some good signs throughout the weekend, and he should have the offensive and defensive versatility to play all over the court.

Bruce Brown – There is no doubt that this kid is just a flat out bucket getter. Brown is one of the best at working into the mid-range and also getting all the way to the rim. At 6-foot-3 and 190 pounds Brown is someone who is an excellent on-ball defender and a good athlete. His feel for the game isn't tremendous, but his ability to score is always there and Brown continues to prove he can get buckets in every setting at every level.

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Brian Bowen – A very skilled wing, Bowen showed his big time potential throughout the weekend. Bowen checks in at a legit 6-foot-6 and has a big time shooting stroke as well as the ability to create for himself off the bounce. Bowen is getting better in terms of rebounding and toughness plays, but it is his feel for the game and basketball IQ combined with his elite skill level that make him such a big time prospect.

Michael Porter – At 6-foot-8 with arguably the best shooting stroke at the entire camp it is easy to see why Porter is considered one of the best prospects in his class. His outside shot was on all camp long, and given his height and long arms it seems that defenders can never really challenge him. With that said, Porter absolutely has to get tougher and do things other than make shots, but the talent is clearly there and he is one of the best prospects long term in the entire class.

D.J. Harvey – Harvey was one of the most skilled players at the entire camp. He is a strong 6-foot-5 and 210 pounds and has the ability to play all over the basketball court. Harvey makes shots out to the three point range, is an excellent passer, and also can handle the ball and make plays off the dribble. He isn't an elite athlete by any stretch, but his understanding of the game allows him to play faster than his athleticism suggests and then he has elite skills to go along with that.

Jermaine Samuels – At 6-foot-4 and 205 pounds, Samuels is an attacking wing who can really make things happen off the bounce. Also he is a solid shooter, though that can use some work as well. Samuels right now is at his best in attack mode going to the rim where he uses his long arms, big time athleticism, and good strength to finish around the rim and from the mid-range. He right now is simply a scorer and will have to refine his other skills, but there is no doubt he has high level potential.

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