SF: Jones discusses offers, visits

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — The ScoutsFocus event bills itself as B-side programming to the NBPA Top 100 Camp, and literally the event takes place across the street at Virginia's former home, University Hall, affectionately known as U-Hall and even more affectionately known, in its declining years, as U-Haul.

Without air conditioning in mid-June, the U-Haul moniker might have made sense, but it was easy to overlook the heat once putting eyes on the players in attendance. Curtis Jones clearly is one of the best attending the camp, not surprising given that he presently ranks No. 37 in the Class of 2016.

Jones is a quick and speedy point guard who races the court and skies for slams despite standing only 6-1. He's also a capable playmaker and should develop into a fine defender as he gains strength.

Jones, who has attended school in Fairfax by Washington, D.C., recently traveled to Virginia Tech for a visit.

"The visit was real good," Jones said. "Buzz Williams is a real energetic guy. He wasn't really a selling type of guy, he was just showing how passionate he is."

Williams' reputation for showmanship and enthusiasm precedes him, and thus the Hokies have created a strong impression early in the recruitment.

Meanwhile, other regional majors and non-majors have joined the Hokies in offering scholarships.

"Virginia Tech, UVa (Virginia), N.C. State, VCU, West Virginia, Maryland, ODU (Old Dominion), Tulane and some I'm forgetting (have offered)," Jones said. "Ohio State, Texas, Georgia Tech and Temple are calling now, and I'm going to Miami tomorrow and Louisville in August. I'm trying to get out to Indiana also."

Jones, who said his mother hails from California, noted that despite the mostly local interest he's unconcerned about geography and wants only to find the best fit.

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