SF Takeout: Sacha Killeya-Jones

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — The ScoutsFocus Camp has brought several high-major talents to the stage, and 2016 power forward Killeya-Jones certainly fits the bill.

Sacha Killeya-Jones only recently entered the grassroots consciousness, but he has made quick work accumulating admirers. Standing 6-9 and possessing ample skill at that size, his reputation likely will continue to grow.

Killeya-Jones bears the marks of a future face-up forward. In this afternoon's first game, he hit a couple jump shots and one very nice halfhook on the move (to his right) from about eight feet. He's fully coordinated and handles well for a big man, and he flashes signs of becoming a top interior passer as well.

At this point it's difficult to gauge how he'll progress athletically. Killeya-Jones is very thin and spindly, and as of now he lacks elite explosion. Big men at his age frequently get their athleticism late, however, so I'd hesitate to form strong opinions about his natural physical traits until he further matures.

What is more clear is that he's a power forward. Even if Killeya-Jones grows another couple inches, he already possesses the touch and overall ball skill to play a more diverse post role rather than becoming a true center. And in terms of body types, that's likely his best bet from a long-term perspective, anyway.

He already has caught the attention of some high-major coaches, who will track him in July. His offer list almost definitely will increase substantially between now and mid-August.

Killeya-Jones projects as a national top-100 prospect in the class, with our rankings set to be updated soon.

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