NBPA: Mack's attack relentless in open floor

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — No one will ever accuse Mack of lacking zeal in the transition game. The 6-6 wing forward relies on burst and tenacity to rack up production.

Truthfully, a camp setting doesn't provide the ideal backdrop for Tevin Mack. The slashing forward does his best work as an agent of chaos in a structured contest, and thus when there's already continuous chaos on a camp team, the play has been taken away from him.

"I think camps are not really for me overall," Mack said with a smile. "But it's been a great experience for all the stuff they've talked to us about off the court."

Mack doesn't need to apologize for his play. Although relatively quiet this week, he has been highly effective for the Carolina Wolves on the Under Armour circuit and continues to impress observers with his athleticism, increasing length (he has grown from 6-4 to 6-6) and hard-charging style. He doesn't slot into any specific offensive role but makes plays from nothing, and he projects as a very tough defender in college.

"I like to try to be a scorer but also like to share the ball and can guard my man a little bit, too," Mack said.

As for his schools, a slew of regional high-majors are on the case along with a handful of others.

"Right now my offers are Georgia, Clemson, VCU, Virginia Tech, ECU (East Carolina), Wake Forest, Mississippi State, Auburn and Houston," Mack said. "I'm also being recruited by South Carolina, Georgetown, Kansas, USC and Tennessee."

Mack doesn't plan to commit anytime soon, but he has been busy with visits.

"I went to Georgia last Sunday on an unofficial," Mack said, "and I'm going to Wake sometime soon, too."

Geography always can affect a recruitment, and Mack acknowledges that it could factor in for him as well.

"My mom wants me to stay close to home," he said. "It doesn't matter to me about that as far as what I think, I just want to find a get up and go style of play and find a school that has stability."

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