NBPA: Tinkle wants recruitment

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. - Tres Tinkle's father is the new head coach at Oregon State, but the 2015 prospect still hopes to be recruited.

It was a successful week at the NBPA Top 100 Camp for 6-foot-7, 210-pound Missoula (Mont.) Hellgate 2015 combo forward Tres Tinkle, who helped lead his team to a camp title.

Scout.com provided the following evaluation of Tinkle from the event:

A high basketball IQ, unselfish kid from Montana who isn't overly experienced going up against this level of talent, you could see Tinkle's comfort level really improve as the camp went on. Tinkle spent a lot of time in the corner attempting catch and shoot threes with various success, but was a lot more efficient taking opponents off the dribble and scoring around the rim. He rebounded well - especially on defense - and got the fastbreak going for his team with those defensive boards along with his ability to pick off passes and take them the other way.

While evaluating Tinkle as a player has never provided too much of a challenge, figuring out where he was going to college hasn't been quite as easy.

Tres' father, Wayne Tinkle, was previously head coach of Montana and the question was whether a Top 100 prospect would turn down high major programs to play for his father in the Big Sky.

However, Wayne Tinkle was recently hired as Oregon State's head coach, which quickly changed his son's recruitment.

"It's really exciting," Tres said. "He deserves it and it's a better opportunity playing in the Pac-12. I think he can make some noise there. It might take him a year or two to get things started but once he gets things going I think he can compete for a Pac-12 championship."

Tres admits now that it was unlikely that he played for his father at Montana.

"He knew I probably wasn't going to play for him at Montana just because my whole life, I've strived for bigger and better things," Tres said.

"With him getting the Oregon State job there are more opportunities because you're playing against the Arizonas, the UCLAs, and all those schools. It stands out to me a lot more and it's now something I'm going to take to heart."

Even though it's a logical prediction that Tinkle will end up at Oregon State, he's still hoping to be recruited by other schools.

"I want to be recruited and he supports that," said Tres. "He wants me to go through the process because it only happens once in your life. He wants me to enjoy it so that's what I'm going to do.

"At the end of the day, he's my dad and I'll do anything for him and he'll do anything for me. Right now I'm still open. As time goes on over the summer, I might start going towards Oregon State, but right now I want to be open to anything."

Is there any school that could realistically out-recruit Wayne Tinkle for his son?

"It would have to be a really good school," Tres said. "My dad is always going to be there for me and he wants what's best for me. It would have to be some place with a great basketball program, coach and academics, but it's going to be hard to say no to my dad, especially playing against him."

While Wayne Tinkle supports his son being recruited by others, he's already begun recruiting Tres as well.

"We've talked about it quite a bit," said Tres. "He's always talking to me about it. He'll get better recruits now because he's in the Pac-12 and he's such a good recruiter. He definitely wants me because he knows what I'm capable of doing, but he tries not to put too much pressure on me."

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