NBA CAMP: Thon Maker quick hitter

TDD sits down briefly with the talented 2016 prospect, Thon Maker, who may become a 2015 prospect soon

What sparked your interest in actually thinking about re-classifying?

Thon Maker: You know, I'm deciding to make my game a little bit better therefore I've competed against the last three classes up ahead and I could see that I could fit in up there.

But then again I know I have to out work them and with my school wise, I could finish my classes up early and get to college, which is what everybody is waiting on.

Did you have any discussions about you thinking about re-classifying with any of the college coaches recruiting you?

No sir, I have not.

Are you thinking about going to college with anybody that you know in high school currently?

Right now not at all.

Duke's a school that's been recruiting you for awhile, can you update us on what the contact has been like with the staff recently?

It's still strong, it's still strong. I spoke to them a little bit a week ago, something like that. We still stay in touch.

Which coach from the Duke staff did you talk with recently?

it was an assistant coach.

Do you remember if a firm, committable scholarship offer has been given to you by Duke?

You know i can't remember right now.

The public discussion of your Duke recruitment is that things may have waned a little bit in terms of contact, can you confirm if that's an accurate understanding?

So far, like everything has been strong with most of the schools recruiting me. The relationship is rising with every school recruiting me.

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