NBA CAMP: One on one with Kobi Simmons

Duke has already offered one point guard in the class of 2016, but other prospects are pulling interest. One of those is five star Georgia guard Kobi Simmons, who spoke with TDD this weekend.

How's the camp been going for you?

Kobi Simmons: It's been going good, competition is actually really good and everybody is playing hard on defense and all around games.

I see they put you and Seventh Woods and Dennis Smith on different teams, how do you feel about that?

I'm not sure if we're matching up or not, we'll see how the match ups work with size on the court. If we have to do it we will do it.

What's your relationship like with those two guys?

Yeah they are cool, Dennis is a good friend because we traveled together over in Europe. That was real cool.

There's discussion about whether or not it's an ideal situation for you to play alongside either Dennis or Seventh in college, what's your thoughts on that?

We haven't really talked about that. I could play with either guy, but like i said, we haven't talked about it.

When it comes to role in college, are you going in to be the point guard or the scoring guard off the ball?

I'm going in to be the point but if i have to play off the ball i can do that, but mainly I'm hoping to go in as the point.

How was the Europe experience for you?

It was really good, very nice over there. It was very physical over there and the court was different, more spaced out and they are more aggressive with the ball and tough.

How did the recruiting calls go for you from the 15th?

It was crazy actually, i had calls right at 12 in the morning. I didn't even notice at first because i was with my family and then i started getting calls. I wasn't going to take the call because I didn't recognize the number but then i looked at the clock and I saw it was 12 and I realized I had forgot that coaches could start calling me.

I answered my first call and it was California. The rest of the day I had California, Alabama, Duke, Kansas, Coach Cal called me that day. NC State called and offered me, Missouri offered me, Providence, Tennessee, Auburn, Georgia, schools like that.

Who called you from Duke?

It was Coach Capel, the call went well and he said they were highly interested in me and they were going to be out to see me soon and they were going to be coming hard.

What's your thoughts on the program?

I like Duke a lot. I like their program, it's a great school that I like. I haven't taken any visits yet but that will be a visit that I take. I'm not sure yet when, but I definitely will take a visit there, I want to.

So who is helping you through the process?

My family.

The schools that contacted you on the first few days of calls—was there anybody that really caught your attention with what they said to you?

No, not really. It was just them putting themselves out there and letting me get to know them better. They were good with talking with me about their school, the coaching staff and the environment at the school and games. I didn't really have any questions for them at that point, i was just listening to what they had to say. I don't have any favorites at this point, i'm open to everybody because i don't know what could happen in the future with coaches or anybody.

Are there any other schools outside of Duke that you for sure know you want to visit?

Coach Cal brought it up with Kentucky, he wants me to take another visit out there. I'm not sure yet when i'm taking any visits, my parents are going to help me with that.

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