NBPA: Three recruiting Jackson the hardest

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va - Three schools have applied the most recruiting pressure to five-star forward Justin Jackson.

Five-star forward Justin Jackson had a very strong performance at the NBA Players Association Top 100 Camp. The Henderson (Nev) Findlay Prep product via Canada showed off his tremendous playmaking ability. Currently Jackson says that three schools standout the most in his recruitment.

"I think I have been playing alright," said Jackson of the spring. "This is the first big camp I have been to, and I feel like I had a strong showing. I made plays and showed I can score as well, and just brought a lot of energy."

He continued about NBA Camp, "I have learned endless amounts. Just going up against the top players in the nation is such a good opportunity. It shows where I am at with my game and what I have to improve on."

Recruiting wise Jackson says three schools are prioritizing him the most.

"Right now I am still exploring my options but the three schools that are inquiring about the most are Arizona, UNLV, and Illinois."

About Illinois, Jackson said, "Me and Coach (Dustin) Ford have been talking for a while and I have a great relationship with the staff there. They are just telling me that they respect my playmaking ability and that I am best as a playmaker making others better, and that if I come to their school they would give me that freedom to make plays."

Arizona has familiarity with Findlay Prep, and Jackson has a close tie to the school as well with his former roommate.

"My roommate Craig Victor is going to Arizona," said Jackson. "What I really like them is I can see how they treat their players. They treat their players with respect and love and that is really good."

Another school with a close connection to Jackson is UNLV. Former Findlay Prep coach Todd Simon is now at UNLV and actually recruited Jackson to the school.

"It is good to hear from UNLV," said Jackson. "I talk with Coach Simon a lot and talk with Coach (Dave) Rice. They say I am a playmaker who can do more than one thing and play more than just one position. I don't get over there much, but I like the school."

For now Jackson is in no hurry to make a decision and says he wants to see all of his options before deciding.

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