McCormick's Musings (Part 3)

In part two of our chat with former Michigan standout and college basketball and NBA analyst Tim McCormick we reflect upon the performances of few of the Wolverines top recruiting targets at the NBPA Top 100 camp, Derryck Thornton, Eric Davis, Jalen Coleman, and more.

Sam Webb:  Tim, you know how much a fan I am of what you do and what you guys do with the Top 100 camp.  One of these days it’s not going to sync up with the football camp and I can do both like I used to.  But you guys do a wonderful job and a kid that I had just seen a couple of weeks prior, went down there, and from what I hear, had an outstanding showing.  I’m talking about Derryck Thornton.  I’m curious what your impressions were of Derryck Thornton at the Top 100 camp. 

Tim McCormick:  “First of all, Sam, when you come to the Top 100 camp, I’m going to give you the star treatment like you won’t believe.  Also for anybody that loves Michigan basketball, I was really impressed with how many of the highest level kids listed Michigan right at the top of their recruiting list.  Derryck is a playmaker, a big time playmaker.  He is a point guard and he loves John Beilein.  I watched him play really close.  He had Cheick Diallo on his team and he was ignoring his big man.  He scored almost every time down the court and after the game I said, 'look you’ve got Cheick Diallo, you’re a point guard, you totally alienated him.  You scored a lot of points, which is impressive, but as a point guard you’ve got to get your big guys the ball.  If you do that they will rebound, they will defend, they will make your job easier and you’ll probably win.'  He said, 'okay coach, thank you.'  The next game he had 11 assists.  That shows me that he is capable.  In a camp setting, you know how kids are they want to score.  It’s all numbers driven.  But the fact that he took that advice and message and got his big guys the ball the next game, shows me that he had that kind of mindset.” 

Sam Webb:  A kid here locally who was also listing Michigan but had some nice scoring performances down there, Eric Davis from Saginaw Arthur Hill, I guess showed pretty well down there. 

Tim McCormick:  “Loved Eric Davis.  He is a shooting guard and he is super athletic.  He is very coachable.  We had some really good conversations as well.  I like a kid that wants to be more than a basketball player.  He talked about his goals being a businessman and he would love to be able to stay in the state.  He loves both Michigan and Michigan State.  He put them at the top of the list.  I like players that are really good teammates in camp settings.  He thinks the game.  He is cerebral.  He knocked down jump shots but he also go to the rim.  He shared the ball, A-plus recruit, that’s what I think of Eric Davis.” 

Sam Webb:  Another kid that they are on, Jalen Coleman, a kid who can score in bunches. How did he fair? 

Tim McCormick:  “He is just a flat out shooter, lights out.  I thought he was the best shooter in the entire camp, very good range, good shot selection.  I did not see him put the ball on the floor a lot.  But sometimes when you are running a camp, you’re worried about the next presenter or is lunch on time, you don’t get a chance watch as much as you would like.  It seemed like every time I saw him, he was knocking down a three.” 

Sam Webb:  There was a kid who is going to be on campus today, as a matter of fact, Eron Gordon was an NBA camp participant.  What did you see from him? 

Tim McCormick:  “His brother, Eric Gordon, is an NBA star with the Pelicans.  I thought that Eric was a better shooter.  Eron seems like he is really kind of gaining his confidence.  Young players, it’s easy to write them off and say, wow, he’s not as good as his brother or he is not this or that.  You have to factor in that sometimes guys they evolve at different paces.  I thought that Eron Gordon had a really good pace to his game.  He doesn’t rush things.  He is his own man.  He didn’t play like he was trying to be his brother, which sometimes the younger kid in a star family, you want to try to be exactly what your brother is.  Very good all around player, nice feel for the game.” 

Sam Webb:  My last question for you Tim, I want you to break down for me the Notre Dame prep girl’s volleyball team, tell me about them.

Tim McCormick:  “(Laughter) It was one of the most exciting things I have ever experienced.  Last summer my daughter tore her labrum, she fell off a horse.  I’m not sure why she was horseback riding.  She was all state as a junior.  The doctor said that she’d probably would miss her senior, she fought back.  She led her team to a state volleyball championship.  Congratulations to Notre Dame Prep.  She got a scholarship to play volleyball at Indiana State next year.  I am very proud of my daughter Danielle and I really appreciate you bringing it up.  It makes me smile just to think about that journey.” 

Sam Webb:  Tim, I know you have taken a very active role in coaching your kids up.  Happy to see them doing well and see you continue to do well as well man.  Thanks a lot for all the time you give us whenever we call.  We really really appreciate. 

Tim McCormick:  “I love coming on Sam, I listen all the time.  I bet you’re packing your bags, I know July is going to be busy for you.” 

Sam Webb:  Absolutely, I’m going to be out and about.  Maybe I’ll see you out somewhere.  We've got to sync this NBA camp up because I’ve got to get back.  That’s like home to me.  That’s like one of the first camps I ever covered.  So, I’m looking forward to get back hopefully next year. 

Tim McCormick:  “Star treatment, that’s what you’re going to get man.”

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