Simon wants to earn it

Justin Simon is looking forward to playing with a talented Arizona team. Read on to see why that is and more.

Even though Temecula (Calif.) Valley 2015 combo guard Justin Simon wasn't selected to the USA national team, it doesn't mean that Sean Miller thinks any less of his five-star recruit.

"They talk with me all the time and everything is great," Simon said. "I like everything about Coach Miller. He was a point guard, he can relate to younger guys and he is just someone you want to play for."

The players Miller has been able to bring in also spiked Simon's interest.

"That was a huge factor," Simon said. "You look at the guys he's bringing in from all over California and it's just amazing.

"The fact that I will get to play against all those guys on a daily basis was a big factor in my decision.

"I want to play against the best. I want to play a lot, but I also want to earn it and you have to earn it against those guys."

The character of the recruits has also impressed Simon.

"These are good locker room guys," he said. "These are guys who want to come in and win and push each other in the process.

"You really get a family-type environment feel from the Arizona program and I'm sure that will continue."

Simon has been taking it easy while preparing for a hectic July.

"I've been relaxing the past few weeks, but I'm obviously playing ball all the time and talking with my future coaches," Simon said.

"They want me to keep working on everything and they want me to be able to come in and play all over the perimeter.

"I can't wait. Arizona basketball is a huge deal and I'm really happy to be a part of it in the future."

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