Announcement Primer: Daniel Giddens

Four-star center Daniel Giddens is set to announce his college decision. Here is a look at his talent, his recruitment, and which school looks to be the one that will get his commitment.

The Recruitment

The recruitment of Daniel Giddens is one that definitely didn't drag out. He first started to pull in regional interest as a freshman, and then going into his sophomore season that regional interest then expanded into national interest. At first it was thought that Giddens would stay in the South, but as things moved along, it became clear that wasn't a major priority for him.

During the high school season Giddens announced that he was only considering six schools. Ohio State, Florida, Georgia, Arizona, Indiana, and Kansas were his named finalists. Now Giddens did seem to add a few others like USC and Texas A&M as time went on, but it was pretty clear that the six he named were the ones he liked the best.

While Giddens did make several unofficial visits to Georgia which was close by, the school later in the process he seemed to do the most with was Ohio State. Giddens took an unofficial visit during the season, and then the Buckeyes were also the only school he did an in-home visit with during April.

As time went on it seemed Ohio State had emerged as the clear leader, and then Giddens stated he would announce his decision on his birthday, which happened to be July 4, right before the start of the evaluation period.

The Talent

Giddens is not someone whose stats are ever going to jump off the page. At roughly 6-foot-10 and 235 pounds, he runs the floor very well, has reliable hands, is a good passer, rebounds well in and out of his area, and is an excellent shot blocker. Also Giddens has a tremendous motor, and he does a great job of bringing it every single time he is on the court.

The one thing that Giddens doesn't have a great feel for how to do is score on the low block. He neither has a great touch nor great footwork, and that will be a major growth area for him in college but, he does everything well but score.

Fans will have to give Giddens some patience as it will likely take him a year or two to have a major impact because of his lack of offense, but from day one he should provide a solid anchor to a defense and really help on the glass for whichever team he chooses.


Brian Snow: Since roughly February all the talk has been that Giddens is heavily favoring Ohio State, and everything seems to indicate that on the day of his decision. Giddens himself has gone on record as saying Ohio State is his leader, the chatter behind the scenes is that Ohio State leads, and it would just be tough to see him ending up anywhere but the Buckeyes. He has visited Ohio State, hosted their coaches, and basically done everything with them that he hasn't with other schools because of that the pick is he will be a Buckeye. Prediction: OHIO STATE

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