Jalen Poyser Talks Summer, Michigan Interest

2015 Findlay Prep (Nev.) three-star guard Jalen Poyser discusses his busy summer, what’s ahead, new interest from Michigan, and more.

As loaded as a high school level basketball team can be, Findlay Prep (Nev.) has yet another talented guard heading into his senior year in 2015 three-star Jalen Poyser.

Poyser, another Canadian product making an impact in the United States, is having a strong AAU season for CIA Bounce.

“Things I do well, I can slash and can get in the lane and put the ball in the basket,” Poyser said. “I can find my teammates, I can also defend, and I can also shoot.

“The thing I’m trying to still work on my jump shot to make it even better. I’m trying to work on my defense so I can lock down as a defender and I’m also trying to become more of a point guard cause I can play the one and the two.”

Standing 6-foot-5, 185-pounds Poyser says several schools including Idaho, Michigan State, Fresno State, Rhode Island, VCU, Saint Bonaventure, and Ohio are looking at him as a combo guard.

So far, so good for Poyser this summer who’s attracting some new interest following a positive and consistent start to the July evaluation period.

“It’s been going good,” Poyser said. “I went to a few camps. I went to the Ty Lawson/Victor Oladipo camp, we went to Peach Jam and did pretty good out there. I thought we did good considering we had the hardest pool out there.”

“I’m not sure who’s calling me after Peach Jam cause I just got back and cause they usually call my coach or my dad,” Poyser added. “But schools that contacted me personally were VCU, Wake Forest, Rhode Island and Idaho.”

Michigan is another school keeping tabs on Poyser, reaching out to those in his camp in hopes of securing a visit.

“They talked to my dad,” Poyser said. “They mainly talk to him and said they want to get my out on a visit but I’m just not sure when.”

Michigan State is another school with interest in Poyser’s ability and it turns out the Spartans are very intriguing for the three-star talent.

“I like their style of play,” Poyser said. “Last year Gary Harris was there and he was up and down and I like the way they play cause they just get out and go.”

Considering several visits this summer and moving forward into the fall, Poyser says he really only knows of one visit he’ll take at this point.

“Idaho wants to get me out there to look at their school,” he said. “But first I have to get all of these camps and tournaments out of the way.”

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