July's Rebounder: Chase Jeter

There's a hubbub these days pertaining to Chase Jeter's recruitment, which is due to end soon, but before moving fully into his recruitment, he warrants a little summer rumination.

Selecting a top rebounder July proved challenging. Caleb Swanigan powered out rebound after rebound at the Peach Jam, and the Texas Titans' Tyler Davis also dominated the glass this month.

But ultimately the choice here goes to Chase Jeter, the Las Vegas native who closed his grassroots career on a high, yet bittersweet note for Dreamvision. His squad came up just short last weekend at the Super 64, but Jeter yanked down 17 rebounds (to go with 24 points) in the final.

Jeter lacks the power that both Swanigan and Davis possess, but he holds an advantage in mobility. He can't use his body as a buffer zone as effectively, but he's quick to the ball and grabs rebounds both vertically and horizontally thanks to impressive balance and sure hands.

And by no means is he weak. Jeter already possesses a solid frame and will become a genuine physical specimen in college, as he gains muscle naturally and enters a strength and conditioning program.

Because he'll be strong yet also projects to have excellent conditioning and mobility, Jeter should be able to command a presence on the glass both in halfcourt and transition. He retrieved some of the most eye-catching boards I witnessed all week in Vegas, taking one step in the lane and elevating above opponents to get the rebound.

Jeter isn't a spectacular leaper in a dunking or shotblocking sense, but he gets what he has with just one step. From a functional basketball perspective, that's a critical ability for a big man to possess.

Next question: Where's he going to direct his rebounding prowess? He's down to Duke, UCLA, Arizona and UNLV, with the Blue Devils — which Jeter visited officially this past spring — holding the perceived edge. He's expected to announce soon.

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