Louisville Rankings Breakdown

It is a high level class being brought in by Rick Pitino in 2015. Two five-star prospects lead the way.

Louisville is in the middle of a tremendous recruiting cycle. The Cardinals already have one of the best classes in the country with three commitments, and are seriously in the mix for another big time pledge. Here is a look at the movement of Louisville’s top targets in the updated rankings.

The highest rated commitment for the Cardinals remains Deng Adel. Adel stayed solid at No. 18 in the rankings. After seeing Adel several more times during the month of July, Adel showed that he was worthy of his lofty perch. Adel is a very good athlete, has solid skill, and has excellent versatility. He has to continue to work on his outside shooting, but there is no doubt he is one of the best wings in the class.

Louisville’s two other commitments made huge moves up the charts. Donovan Mitchell went from unranked to No. 20 overall and Raymond Spalding went from No. 66 to No. 39 overall.

Mitchell is now a five-star prospect and more than proved his worth at the Reebok Breakout Camp and Under Armour Association Finals. At 6-foot-2 Mitchell is an elite athlete who can score in a variety of ways and has a high motor. He looked much improved coming off of an injury that slowed him before the high school season, and now Mitchell is considered one of the best combo guards with versatility in the class.

Spalding put on a show at the Adidas Invitational and then continued things out the rest of July showing that he is one of the highest upside power forwards in the class. He has high level athleticism, developing shooting ability out to the three point line, and the ability to rebound and block shots down low. Right now he can still be inconsistent, but the flashes of potential greatness are getting more and more frequent, and he has the look of a potential high level performer at the high-major level down the road as he continues to get stronger and more confident.

In terms of targets, Perry Dozier made the biggest move up going from No. 50 to No. 32. Dozier has continually gotten better since tearing his ACL, and has a tremendous feel for the game as well as being a very good shooter. Right now he is definitely limited as an athlete and the question becomes how much of that will return as he gets further removed from his injury. Still the need to bump him up into the high four-star range was seen, and the Cardinals have him as a priority.

The other two main targets, Prince Ali and Antonio Blakeney, stayed roughly the same. Ali made a modest jump up from No. 47 to No. 37 while Blakeney fell one spot from No. 20 to No. 21. Ali is a good athlete who can really score and get to the rim, while Blakeney is a volume shooter who can really put up points.

Overall the Cardinals have already put together one of the best classes in the country, and capping it off with another player would have them feeling great with a deep and loaded roster set for the next several years.

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