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Omar breaks down three SMU hoops prospects one more time before heading off to the Texans. Get his thoughts here!

Wendell Mitchell- SG, Rockdale HS (TX)

Scoring: In one word, Mitchell is a scorer. He is a talented, athletic combination guard with an excellent jumper. He is also a very fluid player who can score on all three levels and finish above the rim on the break. Mitchell is strong for his size and very aggressive on the offensive end. He isn’t afraid to take any shot on the floor and can shoot over taller defenders because of the high elevation and release on his jumper. He needs to improve his ball handling and shot selection before playing in college, but Mitchell is already an elite scorer for his age.

Playmaking Ability: I think Mitchell may need to improve his playmaking ability and learn to play point guard in college. He is undersized on defense, so he shouldn’t be playing off the ball exclusively. However, he doesn’t always make smart decisions or take the best shots so it’s tough to play him at point. Mitchell has shown the ability to help with ball handling duties, but plays much more like a shooting guard. Either way, he always plays hard and competes on both ends. If he can cut down on the turnovers, Mitchell could be one of the sleepers of the class of 2015.

Defense: Mitchell is a versatile defender who can defend both guard spots. His athleticism and speed allow him to stay with faster opponents and he competes really hard on the defensive end at all times. Again, he is a little undersized, so he doesn’t rebound well or cause a lot of turnovers. That’s why Mitchell would be better off guarding point guards if he has the opportunity, but that will depend on the situation he enters. With the right coaching, Mitchell’s willingness to compete, his strength, and his athleticism make him a very valuable commodity.

Side Note: Mitchell is a member of the Houston Defenders in AAU

Offers: SMU, Auburn, Baylor, Kansas State, Maryland, and more.

Measureables: 6-3, 180
Ranking: A four-star in the class of 2015 and No. 33 rated shooting guard.


Jean-Marc Christ Koumadje- C, Montverde Academy (FL)

Scoring: Koumadje has a very raw offensive game and a lot of work to do on that end. His game is mostly built around his ability to rebound everything in his area, so he isn’t really a threat to score with his back to the basket. Koumadje gets almost all his points on strong finishes, rim runs, and follow up dunks. He Is still somewhat new to the game of basketball so his post game needs work, but he is very effective at setting picks and utilizing his height to his advantage. Although it may take a little more time, Koumadje has the potential to be a dominant force on the offensive end.

Athleticism: Koumadje is a very good athlete who runs the floor well and gets end to end in a hurry. He definitely needs to get stronger and put on some more weight, but he has shown the ability to dominate games because of his height alone. Koumadje also must do a better job of keeping his feet against smaller players to prevent getting beat to the basket There are times where he struggles with the nuances of the game, and coaching will be very important for him at the next level, but Koumadje’s ability to run the floor, block shots, and dunk over anyone will be very valuable wherever he goes.

Defense: Koumadje is an absolute terror on the defensive end. He is a terrific athlete for his size and excellent shot blocker. His presence alone causes a lot of opponents’ shots to be altered, especially near the basket. Koumadje has terrific timing and has become one of the best rebounders in his class. He does a great job on the boards at both ends and has worked on keeping rebounds above his head to prevent turnovers. Even if Koumadje never develops much of an offensive game, he should be able to rebound and block shots immediately in college.

Side Note: Koumadje is a native of Chad. His top three schools right now are Florida State (visiting Sept. 5-6), Connecticut and UCLA. He plans to visit all three, as well as SMU and Houston. Koumadje already visited Georgia Tech, but doesn’t have them on top of his list. He had planned to transfer to Village Christian HS (CA), but decided to remain at Montverde for his senior season.

Offers: SMU, Florida State, Connecticut, UCLA, Georgia Tech, Houston, and more.

Measureables: 7-4, 201

Ranking: A two-star in the class of 2015.

Isaiah Moss- SF, Simeon Career Academy (IL)

Scoring: Moss is an athletic wing player who can shoot the ball well from anywhere on the floor. He is most dangerous in transition because of his ability to get into the lane and finish above the rim. Moss can score with either hand and doesn’t mind finishing through traffic. He needs to work on improving the consistency of his jump shot, but Moss almost never takes bad shots and understands how his strengths and weaknesses better than most players his age. That alone makes him a good offensive player.

Playmaking Ability: Moss isn’t really a playmaker at his position, but makes things happen with his energy and willingness to compete. He thrives in an up-tempo style of play that involves a lot of running and getting teams in transition. Moss needs to work on his ball-handling and passing skills if he wants to be a more dynamic offensive wing. He could also use a little strength to help him finish inside and get to the free throw line more. To me, Moss seems like the ideal “glue guy” for any offense but needs to play with talented players around him.

Defense: Moss is a very underrated defender who can guard multiple positions effectively. He is quick enough to stay with smaller players, but has the athleticism to compete with bigger wings as well. Moss is also a pretty good rebounder for his size and will only get better as he gets stronger. He doesn’t collect a lot of steals or blocks because he rarely takes chances and almost never gets beat. If Moss finds a coach that can use him correctly, he will be a very valuable asset in college on a good team.

Side Note: Moss was a member of the Playground Elite, where he averaged seven points and five rebounds per game, for most of the AAU season, but has since joined the Mac Irvin Fire. Moss averaged 11 points per game last season in high school.

Offers: SMU, Temple, ECU, Auburn, DePaul, Rhode Island, and more.

Measureables: 6-6, 190
Ranking: A three-star in the class of 2015.

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