Roundtable: Dissenting View

Each week, we ask the hoops recruiting team to ruminate on a specific question.

While assembling a set of rankings is a collaborative process, naturally hard-headed …. errr, independent thinkers are going to have opinions that don't always get incorporated into the list.

Tapping into that sentiment is the focus of this week's Roundtable.

Here's the question we posed to our national recruiting team: Now that has released its new rankings for the Class of 2015, what one change would you most like to make? Whether it's a ranking on which you disagreed with your colleagues, position switch, or some other dispute, share it here.

Josh Gershon: Ivan Rabb (pictured above) remains a difficult eval. He was a dominant player during his junior season but hasn't been quite the same performer over the spring and summer. This time last year, I worried about his consistency too, and then he came out and was the best player I saw during the high school basketball season. Consistency wasn't a problem; if you watched him play as a junior, he probably dominated the game.

Given Rabb is entering his senior season with the same consistency question marks as he had this time last year, I'm hopeful he can prove once again that he's in discussion for the top prospect in the country. I think he has that kind of talent, but the guys above him did a better job proving it over the last five months. Let's see how Rabb responds.

Brian Snow: For me, there are two things. I wanted Ray Smith to finish even higher in the rankings and then also I would have preferred to find a way to get Tacko Fall into the top 100.

With Smith, he to me is not only one of the highest upside kids in the class but also one of the surest bets to make it to the highest level. This is not a class loaded with kids that project to the NBA, but Smith is definitely one that shows all the markings of an NBA wing, and the improvement he has made in the last 12 months is really impressive. To me, Smith should have found his way into our top 10 and is someone I think has true star potential, and there aren't many of those in this class.

With Fall, I just think he changes the game in such a way that he is worth a spot in the top 100. At the NBPA Top 100 Camp he showed the potential to be a complete game changer on defense, and then he has continually gotten better every month. At 7-foot-5, he is unique. He doesn't come without some definite risk, but the reality is there aren't many players like him. While he has his flaws, I do think he will impact the game more than others we ended up ranking.

Evan Daniels: This is a tough question for me based on having final say in the rankings. With that said, I think the hardest ranking for me was No. 1 overall. I went back and forth multiple times between Jaylen Brown and Ben Simmons. I think they both have legitimate claims for the No. 1 spot. Both have terrific springs and summers.

Brown's size, physical gifts and improved shooting make him a dynamic prospect. His upside is tremendous and if he reaches his ceiling he's a scary long-term prospect. On the other hand, Simmons, at 6-8 or 6-9, has an impressive skill package to go with a great feel and passing ability. His touch and ability to score attacking the basket is among his best strengths. There's a lot to like about both of these players.

Rob Harrington: When I look at guys who improved the most over the past six months, I'd liked to have found room in the top 35 for Ohio State commitment Daniel Giddens.

Giddens has become a more complete player

The strong, mobile center may never be a great offensive player, but he has improved as a finisher and arguably is the top post defender in the senior class.

My other primary point of contention would be Perry Dozier at point guard. Given that he's a rangy 6-6, I view him as a full-fledged wing. Granted, he does possess outstanding passing ability — and he had a great summer, so his big jump clearly was warranted — but long-term, I think he'll play off the ball.

Evan Daniels, Brian Snow, Josh Gershon and Rob Harrington contributed to this report

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