Chance McSpadden: Evaluation

Not every future impact player has a ranking associated with his name. Chance McSpadden, a Central Florida commitment, has the look of one of those guys.


There's a lacking sense of completeness when watching Chance McSpadden. Sometimes, he looks like he'd produce more than he actually does, but even during those occasions his talent is obvious.

A slender guard who toured with the travel circuit with Nike Team Florida, McSpadden boasts the kind of scoring arsenal and quickness that, when the light turns on, could make him a big league performer for the Knights.

I first watched him closely at the NTF Workout last fall, and since that time he has continued to prove himself a solid Division I talent.


McSpadden is a southpaw whose jump shot already is capable and features an easy release that should enable him to become more accurate as he gains strength and experience. He's comfortable popping from long-range or shooting off one or two dribbles, and from that perspective he has a mature scoring style that should work well at UCF.

He's also an above-average athlete with nice ball skills. Though not a combo and definitely not a point guard at 6-3, he handles and passes fine for the wing. He also should be able to defend opposing two guards without any trouble, and he may even be able to guard some point guards.

I also admire his ability to finish in traffic thanks to nice body control, and his first step is quick enough to blast past many defenders.

McSpadden's slick scoring makes him dangerous


A lack of strength certainly affects him, but that doesn't project as a long-term problem. More pressingly, McSpadden must improve his shot selection and his decision-making as he's handling the ball. He sometimes forces the action into unfortunate mistakes.

And despite technique that looks good, his jump shot has been inconsistent during the games I've observed him. No question some of the fluctuations owe to the occasional bad shots, but even beyond that he surprisingly has missed some clean looks.


No one is claiming that McSpadden will step right into the starting lineup and become a first team all-conference player. He needs to time to develop his body and learn to play the college game, but the bottom line is that he definitely possesses the ability to contribute big things to the Knights' program.

Given time to improve at his own pace, he could shine by the time he enters his upperclassman years in Orlando.

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