Roundtable: Trending Transfers

Each week, we ask the hoops recruiting team to ruminate on a specific question.

Here's this week query: Thon Maker is on the move to a new high school to be determined. August and September transfers have become rampant in recent seasons, but does it seem this year has been a little more stable in that regard?

Also, how might these late summer/early fall school transfers impact a player's recruitment?

Josh Gershon: I think this is overblown and one of the most over-scrutinized parts of high school basketball today. College players are transferring at a higher rater than ever and so are college players. By the way, NBA players don't have the same loyalty to their organizations as was the case in the past as well.

Point being, most college coaches don't care. Either a kid can play or he can't, and either he's a good kid or he's not. I know a lot of bad players and bad kids who stay at the same school for four years and I know a lot of good players and good kids who have bounced around. It's up to the coaches to do their best to vet these guys.

I don't know if this year is any different than the last two or three, but I don't think it's changed the way the majority of schools recruit the kids who are jumping around. I'm more focused on determining how good a player is and what kind of kid he is, no matter how many schools he's been to, and most college coaches are as well.

Brian Snow: I don't think the transfers are a major issue at any level. Regular students transfer at a high rate as well, it is just how it is. To me it is neither a good nor a bad thing, it is just a thing. That said, starting next year transfers are going to go up significantly in high school.

From talking to college coaches, a lot of kids are going to need serious help in order to get eligible with the new higher standards for the 2016 class, and if their local high school isn't helping that process, prep schools are going to be the answer. Honestly, I think this is just the beginning and expect the number of high school transfers to go way up over the next 12-24 months.

In terms of a recruitment, I think it has virtually no impact. College coaches aren't shying away from you because you transferred high schools. That is just the reality, they don't care. They want to have as good idea as possible if you can cut it on the court first and foremost, and then hopefully not drive them crazy off of it. A transfer of high schools usually isn't real indicative to a coach of either of those things.

Evan Daniels: It does seem the past few years have been full of high school transfers. Part of that has to do with the emergence of very good prep schools, that can often times help kids focus on their grades and get quality coaching. If you've noticed schools like Brewster, Huntington, La Lumiere, Findlay, Montverde, ACD and others seem to load up every year now.

As far as it impacting the players recruitment, I think it's a situational basis. The thought has always been that transferring shows instability, but I don't think that's always the case. There are some situations where it's a better fit for the kid. For the most part, the college coaches can sift through that and figure out which situations are more stable than others.

Rob Harrington: I do recall a year ago thinking the number of transfers had intensified, so maybe it's a little slower this year. Whether that's a fluke or just regressing to the mean, I guess we'll find out in future cycles.

As for ramifications, from a talent and character standpoint, I don't think transferring even this late makes any difference. College coaches understand this is simply a staple of the grassroots scene.

On the other hand, a late transfer can generate academic issues. Not only can the student sometimes adjust poorly by picking up classes mid-stream, some schools behave like a jilted lover when they lose a player. I've seen cases of schools refusing to release a player's transcript, creating havoc on that player's academic situation and making life very difficult for counselors at the new school.

Evan Daniels, Brian Snow, Josh Gershon and Rob Harrington contributed to this report

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