2017 Intro: Darius Banks

The Class of 2017 obviously has a long way to go before it ripens, but heading into the season it's worth taking a look at some promising sophomores.

Darius Banks was one of the better players on day two of the NTF Workout. A 6-4 shooting guard at St. Petersburg (Fla.) High, Banks possesses a very solid frame and already flashes impressive athleticism.

More than anything else, Banks demonstrated a commitment to physicality. Very commonly, young prospects lack meat on their bones and tend to play timidly. Most of them grow out of it over time, but high school underclassmen tend to compete with far less aggression than their older peers.

That said, then, Banks proves something of an exception. He's not only assertive putting the ball on the floor and attacking the rim, he loves to body up defensively as well. As you might imagine, it's a rare day when we observe a sophomore competing so vigorously to slide his feet on defense.

Banks not only is quick enough to defend his peers, he wants to punish them with his shoulders and hips. It's premature to discuss roles for players at this stage, but he already appears to be developing his hoops identity.

Meanwhile, he also made some impressive finishes on the break thanks to his speed and leaping ability. He doesn't yet track as an elite athlete but definitely appears to be a good one. Going forward, he'll need to improve the form of his jump shot, which right now is affected by a hitch.

Evaluating his game and trajectory from a broader perspective, Banks hails from a section of Florida that receives ample exposure and thus shouldn't lack for continued attention locally and regionally. From here, we'll simply watch to see how much he improves.

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