2017 Intro: Terrell Turner

I caught Terrell Turner briefly this past summer with the Florida Flash, but it wasn't until this past weekend's NTF Workout that I was able to take a more extensive look.

For Terrell Turner, this fall is merely a continuation of his growing body of work. The 6-4 shooting guard at Hollywood (Fla.) McArthur already boasts a sizeable reputation within Florida, and increasingly he's expanding his image outside state lines.

Turner has demonstrated a nose for putting the ball through the hoop. Arguably his greatest asset at the moment is his body control; he slices through defenders with nimble feet and can maintain balance while bending to loft in a contested shot.

He made several very polished looking drives on Sunday, utilizing his quickness and instincts for catching defenders off-balance and making a move that outpaced their reaction time.

Turner's arsenal already includes a very promising mid-range jump shot. He likes to take two hard dribbles into the 12-18 foot range and fire in jumpers. He also hit one contested three that demonstrated admirable concentration under fire. He finishes his shot with more of a "flick" than he does a full follow-through, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. There's a place at every level for wrist shooters.

I would categorize him as a pretty good, but not yet truly explosive athlete. The extent to which he keeps growing — he's at least 6-3 now, after standing 6-2 three months ago — and how much quickness he acquires as he matures physically.

He also slots as arguably a SG/PG, at least depending on how much more he grows along with his ultimate defensive position. In the meantime, he'll simply keep putting up numbers and displaying his scoring talent.

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