Fraser Breaks Down His Recruitment

Jason Fraser is taking a very analytical approach to the whole recruiting process. The 6-9 center is breaking down the process, looking at variables and without being too scientific, has determined a way to figure out which school is best for him.

Fraser Breaks Down The Process

Just when is Jason Fraser of Amityville, N.Y., going to commit? "As soon as possible knowing that I've seen everything that needs to be seen so I don't have any regrets," Fraser told BlueChipHoops. See, right now Fraser is taking some trips, gathering data and putting it to use in a simple, but hopefully successful formula that he's going to use to help him select a college.

Fraser is looking hard at three variables: education, coaching and campus life. Right now, he's broken down his school list into two tiers. The first tier includes North Carolina, Villanova and St. John's. UConn and Syracuse are in the second tier of schools.

Apparently, according to Fraser, none of the three first tier schools ranks No. 1 in all of the categories he seeks or the decision would be easy. For instance, he loves North Carolina and thinks that if he dominates, UNC gives him the best chance to move to the NBA of any of the schools. He feels the exposure he would receive in Chapel Hill would be greater than anywhere else. St. John's scores really high because he loves Madison Square Garden. Villanova's strongest selling point is the coach as Fraser thinks the world of Jay Wright.

Each school has something that really interests Fraser, but no school has the total package, at least in his mind when you factor in education, coaching and campus life. As for UConn, Fraser loves the campus and he just doesn't know enough about Syracuse to start analyzing it yet.

He'll visit St. John's on Sept. 15. The next scheduled trip is North Carolina Oct. 5. In-homes with Syracuse (Sept. 11), Syracuse (13), North Carolina (14), St. John's (not scheduled) and UConn (not scheduled) will be conducted.

"It's coming along and starting to come down to the wire," Fraser said.

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