2018 Intro: Solomon Uyaelunmo

There's only so much time to devote to high school freshmen, but Solomon Uyaelunmo is a player we'll become increasingly familiar with over the next several years.

Scouting can be tricky or extremely easy, depending on the day. When you're watching a mobile and already somewhat skilled 6-7 power forward who's only a freshman — such as the case with Solomon Uyaelunmo — that day falls into the latter category.

And that's as descriptive as I can get so early in the process. The nuts and bolts of it are that Uyaelunmo — who will play for Fort Lauderdale (Fla.) Westminster — possesses the ability that's likely to land him on multiple high-major radars.

He's already an impressive athlete despite his tender age, skying for finishes and playing taller than his actual height. (He gets listed at 6-9 but definitely is closer to 6-7.) He boasts good flexibility and can bend at the waist far better than many other big guys, who tend to be locked through the hips.

Uyaelunmo also can put the ball on the floor. He mostly drives right and will need to improve his left hand, but the fact that he can handle at all bodes well for his future. He missed the jumpers I saw him attempt last weekend at the NTF Workout but appears to have nice form.

From here, he'll continue to build a reputation and what's likely to become an overflowing recruitment.

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