One-on-One: Jaylen Brown

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- went one-on-one with Jaylen Brown at the Men's Junior National Team Mini-Camp to discuss the latest in his recruitment.

How do you think you’ve stacked up with the competition at the mini-camp? “There’s a lot of good guys out here. There are a lot of young guys out here playing and and competing. I’m just trying to go hard and get back into a rhythm and show what I can do on the floor.”

There are a lot of younger players here, what has this experience been like? “It’s a learning process for the younger guys. It’s a special opportunity. I didn’t have the opportunity to come out here when I was coming up so they should take full advantage of it. With the 2015 guys, I’m trying to match up with them no matter what position and I’m trying to compete and see where I’m at and how I can better myself as I go on.

Your final high school season is almost here, what are you working on heading into it? “Everything. Mainly I’m working on getting to a high level with my conditioning. I want to be able to play at a 10 for a long period of time and not get tired. My team is really dependant on me this year. We have a lot of good pieces, but I’m the center court piece. I want to make sure I’m ready for this year.

You have a big decision coming up, where does your recruiting situation stand? It’s still pretty much the same. A lot of the schools that are recruiting me the hardest are UCLA, Kentucky, Kansas, Georgia, Georgia Tech and UNC. Those are the schools that I’m talking to right now. I’m trying to stay focused and not get overwhelmed with all of this stuff. I’m trying to stay in the gym and stay close to the people I know and make a good decision.

What is your visit schedule coming up? My first one is next weekend for Late Night in the Phog at Kansas. Then I have one the following the weekend at Kentucky for Big Blue Madness. Then I have an unofficial date for November 15th with UCLA but that might get pushed up, but it might not.

What about the local schools, do you plan on sliding over there again? Absolutely. I plan on going to visit. I haven’t decided if it’s going to be officially or unofficially yet, but I’m going to take a visit to both of those schools because they are both right there. I’m trying to take as many visits as I can because it’s a big decision.

Brown is still working on a timetable
You’re heading to Kansas this weekend, what sticks out about the Jayhawks? Coach Self is a great guy. When he came in he was really humble. He told the struth. I felt like everything eh told me was how it would be when I got there. He didn’t tell me any lies. He told me it would be hard when I got there. He said it wouldn’t be easy. I told him nothing should be given to me and that’s the best way to get it some times. Assistant coach Roberts is a great guy. He’s humble and down to earth. Kansas is a great university.

The Kentucky visit is the next weekend. What do you like about the Wildcats? Coach Cal. Everything about Kentucky is phenomenal. The development of the basketball players and how they get them prepared for a high-level of college basketball in a matter of weeks or months, its shows how good of a coach, coach Cal is. Kenny Payne is a great coach. They talk to me about development. When I talk to them they don’t always talk to me about coming to Kentucky, they talk to me and tell me what I need to improve and I respect that and I appreciate that. They are coaching me before I get there.

What sticks out to you about Steve Alford and UCLA? Coach Alford is a great guy and coach [David] Grace, the assistant there, is a great guy too. UCLA is a beautiful university. They have a lot of pro guys that go work out there during the summer. It’s just show time basketball. I love the way they get up and down and things like that. I could see myself playing in that style being up and down. It’s just a great university.

You’re pretty tight with one of the assistants at Georgia, tell me about that relationship and what you like about the Bulldogs? Coach Yasir [Rosemond] he’s been with me before he even got to Georgia. I’ve known him since I was in the eighth grade and from when I was growing up. We have a relationship already. He tells me all the time that it doesn’t matter where I go that he just wants to see me do good and I respect that. I’m inquiring about them and find out if I really want to go somewhere far or stay home. Georgia is definitely going to be in the mix, as is Georgia Tech.

Speaking of Georgia Tech, what do you like about that program? Georgia Tech is right up the street. It’s right in my hometown in Atlanta. I could have access to a lot of things. I can get home when I want to or my mom can get to me when I need her. Georgia Tech has a great facility. Coach Brian Gregory is great. I’ve known him since the eighth grade. He was the first one to offer me a scholarship. I’ve been up to their campus numerous times. I know how things work up there. I’ll definitely be inquiring about them before I make my decision.

I noticed you mentioned North Carolina, where did that come about? North Carolina came in a little bit late, but North Carolina is a great university and you can’t just knock them off the list. You have to at least see what they have to say and maybe I’ll do a visit or something with them. Coach Roy is a great coach. It’s a great university. I always thought of myself as going to North Carolina. It’s a great university. That was my dream school growing up believe it or not. They haven’t recruited me as much as I’d like them.

Have you made a decision in regards to making your decision early or late? “I haven’t decided, but these official visits are really going to tell a difference. A lot of these schools are great universities. The official visits are really going to tell me how I feel about the university and my comfort level.”

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