2017 Intro: Aaron Cash

Among the slew of potential high-major sophomores within North Carolina, Aaron Cash doesn't yet register as one of the most heralded. But he has made a statement this fall and now factors deeply in the mix.

For Aaron Cash, this season could become the one that projects him into the major conference spotlight.

A slender 6-6 swingman who hails originally from Sacramento, Calif., Cash's improvement has caught everyone's attention and he'll undoubtedly bring numerous curious observers to his games at North Raleigh Christian in the coming months.

Cash is a slinky, well-coordinated athlete who appears to be a very fine handler for wing forward and may even be able to transition to the backcourt, although defensively he may slot better as a forward. He's a long-armed transition scorer and passer who makes plays effortlessly from end to end, suggesting great effectiveness in an uptempo setting.

He wields a nice jump shot, too, burying stepback jumpers from the baseline and already displaying a comfort level from the middle ranges. Cash also impresses with his rebounding, a sign that he desires to become a complete player.

He'll need to get gain strength, of course, and he at times forces low percentage plays that lead to turnovers. Still, he's a standout even in a class that's loaded within his state.

Cash essentially traveled from California with very touted 2018 guard Damon Harge and the two competed for the N.C.-based Juice All-Stars, and Cash remained in the Tar Heel State while Harge is now in Florida.

Already, Cash has begun to pique college curiosity.

"I have some interest from Syracuse, St. John's and Loyola-Maryland," Cash said.

Any interest right now is preliminary, but look for his suitors to become far more serious very quickly.

Still, Cash understands that he's only beginning to scratch at his long-term potential.

"I'm working on my shooting and ballhandling," he said. "I'd like to play the 'three.'"

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