Zimmerman sees Kentucky & Kansas

Stephen Zimmerman, a five-star center out of Las Vegas (Nev.) Bishop Gorman, took an official visit to Kansas two weekends and ago and Kentucky this past weekend. Scout.com caught up with Zimmerman's mother, Lori Stevens, to get a break down of the two visits and to look ahead at what's next with his recruitment.

What stuck out about the visit to Kentucky?
“Overall it was a great experience. We got a lot of time with [Calipari]. We got to see three practices, which was great. Stephen spent a lot of time with the team and hanging out. He even went over to Cal’s house yesterday and we all had lunch. The players and recruits spread out and took a nap at Cal’s house. We went back to campus and took a tour. I don’t think there was one thing that stood out. I just think it was great overall.”

What did you think about Big Blue Madness?
“It was crazy. It’s a spectacle. It’s a rock star concert. We came down elevators and I don’t think Stephen and I were ready for what the lobby was going to be like at the hotel. It was madness. It was camera flashes and autographs and people asking for pictures. It was a mass of people coming at us. It was unreal.

Was similar to the event that Kansas put on?
“No at Kansas there were a lot of people that would come up and ask for a pic or an autograph, but it wasn’t like the 100’s that were in that lobby.”

Was the visit to Kentucky what you expected?
“Madness was what I expected. The crowds, the people were even more than I thought it would be. We got to spend a lot of times the three of us with coach Cal. That was more than I expected. I thought he’d be pulled in different directions. He made sure he had a lot of one on one time. It exceeded the expectations.”

Stephen visited Kansas and Kentucky with a lot of the same recruits, did they discuss playing together? Does that factor into the decision-making?
“The same four that were at Kansas were Brandon Ingram, Jaylen Brown and Carlton Bragg. I don’t think it factors in. They all talk about it and sit around the table and say it would be cool. All four seem to have their heads on their shoulders and know they have to make the best decision for them.”

Kentucky obviously has a lot of depth in the post, did Calipari break down who he expects to go pro?
“He did. He kind of explained who pretty much is going to go and who thinks will go. He’s not recruiting one or two players. He’s got to get quite a few.”

How would you compare the Kansas and Kentucky visits?
“They are both so unique. I don’t think they can be compared. They are different experiences. Both great places and both we would be blessed to be at. They are just so different.”

What stood out the most about the Kansas trip?
“What stuck out to me the most about that one is they seemed like such a big family. Everybody seemed like a family when we were hanging out at coach Self’s house and having dinner. The boys went to the basement and playing games and watching movies. Everybody was at home and comfortable.”

“Their madness was great and so was their campus. They participated in it a lot. They did dances and skits. At Kansas the boys did their dances and skits. They didn’t do that at Kentucky, they did their introductions and then they play. Both crowds and fan bases are crazy. Both arenas are huge.”

How was your time visiting with Bill Self?
“We spent quite a bit of time with coach Self. I had no idea how funny he is. He made time to make sure we had some one on one time with him. We pretty much met with him every day one on one. We talked over what we are looking for. We had a private breakfast with him before we left on Sunday and talked over the trip and how Stephen was feeling. It was great. It’s going to be a hard decision.”

Where do you all go from here?
“Friday we go to UCLA. Then we take a break for one weekend and then Arizona.”

Are you all planning to reschedule the UNC visit?
“We are still waiting. We still have the fifth official. We are talking with them about doing it after the high school season for the Duke game. We haven’t made any definite decisions yet.”

Will Stephen definitely what until the spring to make his college decision?
“I think so. It’ll definitely be after the high school season. We aren’t sure when.”

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