Nation's No. 1 shares the latest

The nation's No. 1 prospect has made two big visits, and has another one coming up. Here is the latest on when he expects to decide and new schools that are getting involved in his recruitment.

The nation’s No. 1 prospect has been very busy recently. Already Jaylen Brown has made a pair of official visits with another one coming up. The Marietta (Ga.) Wheeler and Game Elite product is taking a measured approach to his recruitment, and continues to evaluate all the schools.

The 6-foot-7 and 220 pound small forward asserted himself as the top prospect in the country as much because of his incredible desire and mentality as his measurables on the basketball court. Now Brown is bringing that focus to the court in preparation of his senior season.

“I’m just focused on everything I am doing as of now,” said Brown. “I have been able to travel across the country and even outside of the country and met a lot of people who have helped me along the way. I have a mentality coach who I call every now and then and he tells me to stay focus on what I am doing now and not to think to the future and let the pressure get to me.”

Brown continued, “He tells me not to get out of my zone because if I do I won’t perform like I want to. I know that I have to focus on what I can do now and on what I can control. Because of that I am working out and doing everything I can to get my body right and at the same time pushing my teammates to be the best players they can be as well.”

Along with the mentality to dominate on the court, Brown is focused on making the perfect decision for him in terms of college. Already he has made official visits to Kansas and Kentucky, and both trips went well.

The first trip for Brown was to Kansas, and Bill Self and his staff did an excellent job of hosting him.

“I like Kansas a lot,” said Brown. “Kansas reminds me a lot of where a lot of my family is from, Muskegon, Michigan. Lawrence is a smaller town where people all know each other and it is a major family environment. I know I would get the full college experience if I went to Kansas.”

Brown went on, “Coach Self is a very humble guy and cool to talk to. Also Coach (Norm) Roberts is a great guy as well and the staff are people I can really relate to. My mom and I both like the coaches a lot and it was a good visit.”

Following Kansas was the trip to Kentucky for Big Blue Madness, and that also made an impression.

“I appreciate Coach Cal and Coach Kenny Payne for having me out there,” said Brown. “Coach Cal is a great guy who is very down to earth. He has a lot of experience, and everything at Kentucky is about preparation for the pros. When you go there, you go there to be prepared for the next level.”

He continued about the Wildcats, “It is all about development there. Not only do they work to prepare you to be better as a player, but also be better as a man, and be better as a student as well. From day one on campus they say it is all about getting better and being prepared for the next level.”

As of now Brown says that he only has one official visit set up beyond the two that have already been taken.

“At this point I only have the UCLA visit set, and that is for next weekend (October 31),” said Brown. “I know people have said I have set an official to UGA, but I haven’t set that. I am definitely going to go to Georgia and Georgia Tech a few times during the season, but there is no reason to make that an official visit.”

Brown continued, “UGA is only about 45 minutes from house and Georgia Tech is only about 15 minutes away, so I will sit down and talk to those coaching staffs, players, and academic advisors multiple times during the season, but there is no reason to make an official visit since they are so close to my house and I can get there any time I want to.”

Brown has already been to UCLA unofficially and now he is looking forward to getting back in an official capacity.

“UCLA is a great school and Coach (Steve) Alford is definitely a great coach,” explained Brown. “He was a great player and is just a high energy guy who sends positive vibes and positive messages. My mom loves him and he is a positive guy, and I am really looking forward to the visit next weekend.”

While Georgia, Georgia Tech, UCLA, Kentucky, and Kansas have been mentioned with Brown for a while, two new schools are now firmly in the mix. Both Michigan and North Carolina came in the picture late, but Brown says both schools will have a chance in his recruitment.

Michigan visited Brown on Wednesday, and he has a lot of connections to the school and the state in general.

“Michigan hasn’t really recruited me before now,” said Brown. “My uncle, my mom’s brother, went to Michigan, my mom went to Michigan State. Basically half of my family went to Michigan and the other half went to Michigan State. People in my family started to make calls and they finally got in touch with a manager or something, and I can’t remember exactly the whole story, but they got in touch with the coaches who then contacted my mom, and contacted me.”

When asked if Michigan will have a chance in this recruitment despite coming in late, Brown said, “For sure I am going to consider them. For me it isn’t about recruiting me the hardest or recruiting me the longest, it is about the best fit. All of these schools are really good, and for me it is all about what is the best school to go to in terms of fit and where I am most comfortable. I am more concerned with how I relate to the coach than the school with the best record or that has been recruiting me the longest.”

While Michigan has some family ties, North Carolina is Brown’s admitted dream school.

“North Carolina is also a school that came in late, but basically they were my dream school growing up,” explained Brown. “I loved North Carolina growing up. I always watched them and it was always my favorite team.”

He continued about the Tar Heels, “They gave me a call one day out of nowhere and asked if they recruited me if I would have interest, and I said for sure. I will probably take an official visit there as well.”

For a while during the summer Brown expected to decide during the November signing period, but after consulting with his mom about that, he now says signing in the spring is the best move. He says it is all about finding the perfect place for his future.

“This is a tough decision,” said Brown. “People think it is easy to make this decision because I can go wherever I want, but it is tough to know who I can trust and who I should trust. Basically when I get to that school for however long I am there, my life will be in that coach’s hands.”

Brown continued, “I just want to make the best decision I can. I am not going to make this decision rushed or off of emotion. I know I have to make the best decision I can, and hopefully it will be the best decision for me.”

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