All Is Quiet On The Francis Front

Torin Francis has had some time to think about what he's seen on his journey, but the news here is that there really isn't much news at all.

All Quiet On The Francis Front

It's almost obligatory these days to check up on big man Torin Francis. His whirlwind tour is over but he hasn't really reached any conclusions about what he's seen.

One would think he might have done some soul searching and is starting to reach some conclusions, but he's taking his time and it's certainly within his rights to do so. Obviously, this is a huge decision. "I don't [think about recruiting] that much. I try not to really think about it that much," Francis said.

In reality he sounds a little torn about what he's going to do and when he might do it. "I'm not sure. I think I might commit before school starts." Then, on the other hand, just a little while later, he says, "I might narrow it down and take some visits."

Sometimes we need to remember that while these young men are certainly giants in the world of recruiting, they are still young men. These kinds of decisions aren't easy. There's a lot on the line for all the parties involved so here's to hoping Torin continues to find enjoyment in the process and can make the best decision for himself and his family on his own terms.

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