Zimmerman takes in UCLA

Five-star big man Stephen Zimmerman took his third official visit to UCLA. How was the trip? Zimmerman's mom -- Lori Stevens -- broke it down for Scout.com.

After spending the last weekend at Kentucky and the weekend prior at Kansas, Stephen Zimmerman – one of the nation’s elite big man prospects – took his scheduled official visit to UCLA this weekend.

According to Zimmerman’s mom – Lori Stevens – the family spent a considerable amount of time with Steve Alford and his staff, saw the campus and spent time watching multiple practices.

“We’ve been with the coaches a lot,” Stevens told Scout.com. “We saw practice yesterday and went through the academics and the strength and conditioning program. We took a tour of the campus and went over to coaches house and had dinner last night.”

One of the highlights of trip, according to Stevens, was watching Alford interact with her son and Brandon Ingram, who was also in town for his official visit.

“Coach, Stephen and Brandon played about 100 games of horse,” Stevens said. “It was a lot of fun. It was a lot of fun watching them.”

“I hadn’t gotten a sense of his personality until last night on the court,” she said of Alford. “It was just hilarious. He’s so comfortable in any basketball situation. He talks a lot of garbage and he’s ultra competitive.”

Although UCLA had Ingram in on an official visit as well, Zimmerman was been able to get plenty of one-on-one time with Alford and the staff.

“We got a lot,” Stevens said. “Quite a bit of time actually. The Ingram’s left this morning. We’ve had all day with coach. We’ve talked one-on-one and spent a lot of time with the staff.”

“He’s the definition of Mr. Basketball,” Stevens said about Alford. “He’s in his element and natural habitat on the court and talking about basketball or watching basketball. He just lights up and becomes an animated personality. He’s ultra competitive.”

UCLA was Zimmerman’s third official visit in as many weeks. Both Kansas and Kentucky had him in town for their midnight madness festivities. While those visits centered around big events, UCLA's was much different.

“I guess it’s just been more relaxed, but we’ve been able to focus on the real things,” Stevens said. “Totally aside from recruiting those are fun, crazy events to go to, but that’s not what the real program is about. Here we were able to focus on what the real program is about.”

What stuck out most about the trip to UCLA?

“I think Stephen really identifies with coach Alford,” Stevens told Scout.com. “He understands that Alford has gone through what Stephen has gone through. He feels comfortable asking him questions. He knows Alford understands him.”

Zimmerman will take next weekend off and then will visit Arizona the weekend of November 8th. Stevens told Scout.com that their time table for a decision hasn't changed. Zimmerman intends on making his college choice in the spring.

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