Dozier sees Louisville, decision coming

Perry Dozier is one of the 22 top 100 recruit still available in the 2015 class. But with his fifth official visit complete, he'll make his college choice soon. Dozier's father broke down their latest trip and all the other schools involved.

Perry Dozier,’s No. 33 ranked recruit, finished up his final official visit this past week and is nearing a college decision.

Dozier, a 6-foot-6 lead guard out of Columbia (S.C.) Spring Valley, took an official visit to Louisville from Thursday through Saturday.

“Louisville was definitely was on point,” Dozier’s father, Perry Dozier Sr., told “They had every thing there that a kid could every want to play basketball.”

Dozier Sr. said they toured Louisville’s campus, watched both their basketball and football teams play, saw their dorms, practice facility and met with Louisville’s business department during the visit.

“They are a lot like South Carolina and I say that in a sense of they are college town,” Dozier Sr. said. “That’s what Louisville is. There’s no pro team there. All interest is strictly on the college sports there. They have a pretty good football program, which was impressive to me.”

“A lot of the schools the basketball team is good and the football isn’t too good,” he added. “Going to the football game, of course it was a big rivalry game, and it was good to see them pack the stands and we got a chance to see their exhibition game. The fans were the number one thing that stood out about Louisville, of course their facilities stuck out as well.”

Dozier also spent plenty of time with Rick Pitino during the visit.

“He’s awesome,” Dozier Sr. said. “I can’t say enough about him. He coached me when I was in five-star basketball back in my day. He’s just a super guy. You can’t say much more about him when it comes down to player development and preparing these kids for life after basketball.”

A week before visiting Louisville, Dozier made the short trip to the local school -- South Carolina. According to Dozier Sr., their opinion of the Gamecocks changed during the visit.

Dozier is’s No. 33 ranked prospect
“It’s funny because as you know, I went there almost 30 years ago,” he said. “I had in my mind what South Carolina was about. Of course we took an official visit and I look at it completely differently. They dumped so much money into that program. I was just totally blown away. I was impressed.”

“They put 100 million dollars in the new business center,” Dozier Sr. continued. “That was the most impressive thing I saw down. They are building new dorms and a practice facility. I was more impressed with South Carolina because I didn’t know some of things even though I’m here. Their program was top notch like the rest of them.”

The weekend of October 18th, Dozier made the trip to Washington, D.C. to see John Thompson’s Georgetown program.

“Georgetown you can’t say enough about that program,” Dozier Sr. said. “It’s close to my home. They have a winning tradition and I think that’s what stood out the most about the program. They have big plans as well with practice facilities. Their business building was amazing as well. The recruiting they are doing and getting the players in there is impressive as well.”

Two weeks prior to the Georgetown visit, Dozier took his official visit to North Carolina for their Late Night with Roy festivities.

“North Carolina to me speaks for itself,” Dozier Sr. said. “They do a good job. Just to be on their campus has a different feel. You see so much about North Carolina, but to get to know their campus is a little different. Just the tradition of North Carolina itself is awesome.”

Dozier started things off with a trip to Michigan the weekend of September 27th. Heading into the visit, Dozier wasn't as dialed in with the Michigan program, but the family was taken back by the staff and the facilities.

“That was our first visit,” Dozier Sr. said. “We didn’t know a whole lot about Michigan other than them being a winning program. When we got there it was almost going in kind of blind. We were totally impressed with the warm feeling they have. The campus was a small, city campus. Their weight program and strength and conditioning was top notch and really stood out. Of course the staff was incredible as well.”

With the visit portion of the recruiting process now complete, Dozier Sr. expects his son to make up his mind on a school as early as this week.

“P.J. would like to come up with a decision by the end of this week or the weekend,” he said. “I think right now the coaches are going to come in this week and give their last pitch. Then hopefully by this weekend P.J. can say where he wants to go and he’ll notify the coaches. Then he’ll make an announcement on ESPN.”

According to Dozier Sr., Michigan is slated to come by the school on Monday. While he expects the other schools to swing by, he doesn’t know the full scheduled at this time.

Dozier Sr. also said his son wants to set up a ceremony at Spring Valley for the T.V. announcement. A date hasn’t been finalized.

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