2018 Intro: Will Dillard

Given the overflowing abundance of major talent within North Carolina these days, it can be a merciless place for a young pup attempting to garner any attention for himself. But freshman, yes freshman, Will Dillard already has opened eyes among locals and even some national observers.

One general notion to remember is that, when you see a high school phenom do something spectacular in a highlight clip that gets television airplay, don’t automatically assume that player is destined for greatness. Highlights can be extremely misleading, as we all know.

Having said that, one specific notion to remember is that freshman Will Dillard — who already has graced those national airwaves — might just continue to develop.

A 6-2 guard at Greensboro (N.C.) Day, Dillard first exploded onto the scene at the 2013 Rising Stars camp. There, he tossed down a windmill slam that’s highly uncommon for rising frosh in his size category.

Known primarily as an athlete, Dillard has worked hard to develop his skills. He has filled out a little physically and has improved his shooting and passing. He’s by no means close to fulfilling his potential, but the fact that he hasn’t bought into his own hype bodes well.

The southpaw isn’t the first member of his family to emerge as a prospect. His older brother, Reggie, is a sophomore at Presbyterian (and who unfortunately tore his ACL and will miss this season).

Will tracks as a much higher prospect than Reggie, however, and he said that Notre Dame and Stanford have sent him letters. That’s not enough to even put him on their recruiting boards, but it does illustrate his national awareness at a very early age.

Dillard is more of a swingman right now and will need to continue growing or else cultivate sharper point guard skills, something he said he’d like to do over the next year.

No one can know how he’ll progress from here, but clearly he’s one to watch closely going forward.

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