Up Close With Kevin Steenberge

Richmond received a commitment this week from a young man intent on making the most of his basketball and academic experience in college. Here's a closer look at future Spider Kevin Steenberge.

Up Close With Kevin Steenberge

Why Richmond? "It just felt right, everything was perfect," Steenberge said. "The coaching staff is amazing, the school is great and the conference is one of the best. It was perfect."

Intended Major: Possibly political science; some classes in leadership.

AAU Team: Baltimore Select.

Best Player Faced This Summer: "I don't even know. I didn't know there were guys my age that were that much taller than me."

2001 Season Averages: 15 points, 15 rebounds, and 6 blocks.

Picked Richmond Over: St. Joe's, Dayton, LaSalle, William & Mary, Rice.

Most Interesting Piece of Recruiting Mail: "It was from Richmond. They sent a replica coin that was made and it had a print with a Spider on each side and it was the "coin of destiny" and you flip it and whatever it comes up, that's where you are supposed to be."

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