2018 Intro: Drew Tazuma

The nation’s youngest high school players generally are only beginning to draw acclaim, and Drew Tazuma is among those who’s off to a quick start in his prep career.

We’ll know a lot more about freshmen after they competed for a full season against varsity opponents, but some prospects such as Drew Tazuma already have earned a spot for themselves on the radar.

A 6-4 wing forward at Knightdale (N.C.) High, Tazuma is a very impressive physical specimen who’s only beginning to showcase what he can do. Blessed with an advanced frame for his age, long arms and huge hands, Tazuma looks like the kind of player who could continue to grow.

The reality at this point is that he’s more of a combo forward in terms of style, but becoming a full-time wing should be easy for him as he matures. Already, he plays with a competitive zeal that belies his age and enables him to stand out even in older age divisions. And with athleticism and a body type that appear very promising, there’s ample reason he has generated early buzz.

Knightdale has produced good talent in recent years, and Tazuma should ensure that the school remains competitive at the state 4A level.

Speaking briefly with Tazuma following the recent Prep Phenom Jamboreee, he said that Rutgers and others have expressed early interest. His recruitment won’t begin to fully take shape until later, but he’s clearly worth remembering as we go forward.

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